The Jingle Jam 2020 Bundle

"The Jingle Jam brings friends and communities together with exciting streams and fun events! If you donate £25 or more you’ll receive Steam keys to 35+ games with a value over £400! Add them to your own collection or gift them to others, the choice is yours!

This year there’s some cracking streams lined up on and the bundle is the best ever. Featuring our recent favourites Colony Survival and Dicey Dungeons; critically-acclaimed Prison Architect and Starbound; hidden gems like For The King and Dead in Vinland, and tonnes more!

Now in its 10th year, the Jingle Jam has raised over $17.6 million for charities across the world."

EDITED: They are saying there is a 48 hour wait for your keys.


If anyone does donate and want this bundle, you have to make sure to select the bundle as your reward during the donation process. I guess they cannot change it if you forget to select a reward.


there are f2p games in the bundle :no_mouth:


That does confuse me as well. How are you going to get Path of Exile on Steam if it is already free there… and probably everywhere else.


Several games that are now free or that have a free version will not drop trading cards unless they are registered with a key. How much that matters depends on the person, but that is likely what’s on offer for those cases.


I just got my keys. Haven’t done anything with them yet.

You get “Pet Bundle” DLC for Among US but you don’t get a key from the game as far as I can tell.


Some of these are not the full game, they are DLC and cosmetic items. Among us, POE, surgeon sim 2 etc are all DLC.


I got it for Terry Cavanagh/Dicey Dungeons, Transistor, Don’t Starve and the Among Us DLC…Plus it’s for charity.