The illusion of privacy in the modern world


We’ve talked about this several times due to several reasons:

here’s some more info:


lol, i read that as a “direct remark”
*ahem; “Browsing porn in incognito mode isn’t nearly as private as you think Dylan” :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

was about to ask, “what on earth have Dylan been watching in the workplace” :thinking:

i think people just need to accept the terms of/if wanting to be “digital”:
“nothing” is ever truly private anymore, -even many vpn’s and proxys aren’t as private as people might immediately assume, it’s just the deal if you want to rub your business all over the interwebs :man_shrugging:

but since we’ve always had spying neighbours or prying eyes and nosy busybodies, it’s been a fair while since, if you’ve ever wanted your dirty laundry to be aired freely, without someone taking note of it, peeking over the fence :wink:
-it’s just the world we live in, and the curious nature of the species, might as well come to terms with it “someway”… :neutral_face:

and for god’s sake, enough with the tentacle hentai during business hours Dylan! :triumph:



It’s simple, both your ISP and a VPN should you choose to use are a service and a certain level of trust has to be given to them. Do you ever complain about the bank knowing how much money you put there or how they use that money?


So what? Watch porn with me then, we can all have a good time.


rofl, this thread isn’t about porn, haha, it’s about privacy


Don’t be fooled



Watcha got?



I’m gonna link to this again because it’s super relevant. (:




2020 will probably be also marked by the incredible number of times people got hacked and had all their data stolen or leaked online, like what happened to Capcom, Spotify and the Brazilian Youtube Zangado.


Yea saw that it’s kinda scary and horrible how irresponsible companies are (for their own buisness sake I guess), though at the same time I kinda laughed inside it reminded me of a horror movie. Poor traumatised ppl though. Like the person who had to move back in with family. And disgusting ppl want to hack in to do this kinda stuff to begin with.