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The Humble Team17 Bundle




The lack of Worms games in this bundle.


They deserve the holy granade of Antakya where the sun doesn’t reach for not including them. And the donkey, that shit was opi opi.


Might get the one dollar perk purely for Clan Wars but Armageddon still being in my library highly disincentives me from it. :man_shrugging:


Send them explosive sheeps and a box of banana bombs…


Shame Overcooked! 2 isn’t in there, but it’s still fairly new I guess.


$5 for the escapists is pretty good. but I am cashed out for this holiday season.


Another one I’ll pass on. I got a lot of the Worms in a bundle not so long ago. Fanatical? I think so.


I missed that bundle, I really regret missing it…


I have a spare key for Worms Crazy Golf if you want it? :wink:


If you put it that way…

how can I say no?

Thank you!