The Humble One Special Day Bundle 2019


I’m considering just the first tier for that cat game but not sure how much it’s worth playing lol it looks very strange, plus i already played broken age. Not so interested in the other tiers :laughing:


Is it me or are the bundles EVERWHERE not interesting at all but for a few games? And it’s just not worth the bundle.

And DO NOT get me started on that MYSTERY bundle crap…:face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


Same. While bundles are a little more “diluted” than they used to be, mostly I think it’s just down to changing preferences. Our tastes are narrower, since we probably have less time available for games than we used to, and have a better sense of what we like. Plus, our backlogs are greater than ever ;D



  1. Purrfect Date
    Cute and fun, actually has a story and isn’t just a boring and watered-down dating simulator. I only played one route because I’m sincerely not a visual novel fan and neither do I enjoy replaying games for different endings, unless they are wildly different. I had fun during my run! At $1 I totally recommend it, but only if you like visual novels and dating sims. If you don’t, don’t get it. It’s good for those who are into the genre, not exceptional enough to bring in new fans.

  2. Broken Age
    I’m one of those people. Yeah, one of the creeps who follow Tim around. It’s been a long time since Broken Age came out and I was a big fan of his back then. I played it as soon as it came out, as I’m friends with another Tim Creeper – Double Fine used to be hella good, you guys. All-in-all, we were both disappointed. If you still somehow don’t own this one, I’d say $1 is a fair price. Like Purrfect Date, it’ll make point and click fans happy enough, but it might become a boring chore if you’re not into that kind of puzzle solving or if you’re looking for brilliant character development. You won’t find that here… it’s a good game, but a forgettable one, especially in such a strong, age-old and story-heavy genre.

I’d consider Ditto but never at this price. Anyone’s got opinions on that one?

Also @delenn13, dear, I agree 100%.


I now want to play Purrfect Date just because of trailer song.


Stronghold Crusader 2?! Of course! xD