The Humble Great GameMaker Games Bundle

Games in this bundle:


At 15 minutes 152 purchases made.


Either people don’t know that a new bundle is out, or not many want these games. I’m voting for the second option.


They might not be the most hyped up games, but I own practically none of them (and I have been hoarding for a while now!) so I do see the value in this, will probably be picking up the 12$ tier!


A couple of games I would be interested in, but not enough for me to buy the bundle. There’s been a series of not-for-me bundles lately. Fortunately my wallet’s been a bit happier.

1200 bundles sold in 2.5 hours, I think this is going to be one such bundle that doesn’t sell very well.


I’m passing too because i already have more games than time, but i recommend Solstice if you enjoy a good branching “choose your adventure” visual novel. It’s the same developer and graphic artist who worked on Cinders. If you like one of them, you’ll like the other. I enjoyed both.


About half of this bundle has been bundled before, but it’s probably an ok bundle if you don’t have many of them.


I think I am passing too :astonished:. Have most of it.


Bleh bundle, but that’s HB ever since they been sold.

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Let’s just say that I’m argumentative - if in your opinion every HB ever has been “Bleh”, what do you regard as the least “Bleh”, and therefore the best one they’ve done.

Because you’re objectively wrong, but it’d be nice to hear your reasoning.

(…though this one admittedly is a hard pass…)


The only game I’d be really interested in is “Alone With You”, which fortunately enough a friend of mine gifted me recently on Steam.

So the 3rd tier looks kinda sad. “Don’t Sink” was, of course, on the coin shop (thanks, Chrono!), “12 is Better than 6” was given away from free on Humble Bundle iirc…

I dunno why the first “Cook, Serve, Delicious!” is in the bundle considering it’s been out since forever now.

The only other game I’m interested in is “Kingsway”, which is definitely not worth 2nd tier price.

So yeah, short answer: nah.


dude. read again.

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He got you. He’s asking if you think EVERY SINGLE bundle since they were sold has been underwhelming, and which one do you think is the least bad during this timeframe.

I’m also curious, since I don’t really keep up with them much. :woman_shrugging:


Yep, you still need to cough up some info, because even within the last month we’ve had some pretty decent offerings. Without any effort on my part I’d say that $12 for Headlander, GoNNER Blueberry Edition, Treadnauts, This War of Mine, Pillars of the Earth, Dear Esther, Tyranny and Shadow Tactics Blades of the Shogun is not “bleh”. And we can always go back further.

(also for the sake of clarity, if I say milk has been made of milk ever since it’s been sold, that implies that since milk was sold on the market it’s been made of milk)


Yeah, there have been PLENTY of decent bundles since IGN acquired Humble Bundle.
I get it, we don’t like the same things when it comes to games, but that’s not the point. As an example they can’t just give us “The Rockstar Games HB” quality bundles every single time.

So it’s unfair to just say that they have been “Bleh” since then, because most of them contained decent games.


This is what Four was inferring.

I haven’t really paid attention to humble since humble was acquired, so I have no input.

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Also consider the amount of free games that Humble have given away since acquisition. I’m almost certain that’s seen a big increase.

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Oh well, none of those bundles were to my liking, I’m not sure if I bought a single bundle in the last 1y+ :man_shrugging:

Also Dear Esther is hardly a game

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This thread took a bit of an unnecessarily accusatory tone that I’m not really pleased with.

While it is always beneficial to examine one’s opinions to see what they’re grounded in and change them as appropriate, Four is entirely entitled to his and have no obligation to prove anything to us. There’s no objectivity to be had here. Yes he didn’t say “it is my opinion that…”, but we don’t need to do that for every thing we ever utter because almost everyone is able to read between the lines and tell that he is expressing an opinion, not making a statement of fact.

We can all disagree with this opinion without pulling him up by the collar and demand he prove himself. Can you prove that you’ve liked some bundles? I’ve bought bundles I didn’t like and I’ve skipped bundles I did like. There’s no evidence to back up enjoying or not enjoying a bundle.

He also specified “since they’ve been sold [to IGN]”, so clearly NOT every bundle ever. The milk analogy really doesn’t work at all.

Again we have an opinion expressed as if a fact, which it isn’t but that’s ok Nick. You don’t have to prove to me that you think most of the bundles since they were sold contained decent games. I do not agree with you, I think most of the bundles since they were sold to IGN have been largely underwhelming with only a handful of interesting ones thrown in.

Before IGN HB, always, as far as I am aware, honoured their giveaways. Even when they ran out of keys you got one on back order eventually. This happened to me several times before, which is why it came as a bit of a shock to me when they suddenly, after having been bought by IGN, stopped doing that. Even when the giveaway was part of a promotional event tied to collecting stamps and buying stuff from their sales. That was a massive breach of trust to me.

I know all of you have had both positive and negative experiences with Humble bundle both before and after the IGN purchase. In this thread it seemed to me like there was a demand made to align yourself to a binary choice of whether HB is entirely good or entirely terrible.

I would be happy if we could attempt to avoid such extremes in the future and keep mingling in the gray zone where we’ll all be the most comfortable.
Thank you.


Yes because I’ve bought them? I’d have looked through Four’s Steam library to disprove his position but sadly that’s not possible.

Stating a point that is inflammatory by it’s very position absolutely needs to be justified. It’s a statement that is designed to ruffle feathers, because, whilst reviews are indeed subjective works, simply looking at ALL the bundles since October 2017 we can say simply by balance of probability that it’s a likely to be a fatuous and provacative statement. In that respect it absolutely needs to be justified. And Four absolutely takes a factual position here, making a statement that is black and white. Omitting words in a medium that expresses itself solely by way of the written word actually requires those words to be documented.

This sentence can absolutely be interpreted both ways. Ever since what has been sold? Bundles? Humble itself? There’s no distinction.

Obviously this is somewhat unrelated to what we were actually talking about, but this is not exclusive to Humble (the most egregious in my memory being Dark Souls PtD at Golden Joystick?) and more often than not Humble has a terms and conditions clause that states whilst they remain available.

My initial point was - you can just make statements and then walk away…which you seem to be objecting to? :thinking: