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The Humble Bohemia Interactive Bundle 2019




Arma III for BTA sounds decent. If it doesn’t skyrocket.


$30 top tier for Dayz alone, are people still playing Dayz?

Is arma 2 for a dollar worth it? I have no real idea what to think of these games.


This must be worst bundle they came up in months. Arma 3 is cool and all but that’s it… and 30$ for DayZ… lol? What ? How…Why…Who?


I’d probably buy this bundle if i didn’t already own all the arma stuff and dayz. Those other games seem kinda lame to me.


Over all kind of lame original war looks like hot garbage and i remember a total biscuit video on how bad pound of ground is but i have been wanting to play an arma game and for $1 it might be worth picking up


Already have DayZ and Arma III with Apex, but Tier 1 with Take On Mars was too good to pass up, so I snatched it up. I’ll keep thinking about Ylands, which I have wanted for a while, but $10 for a tier I already have some games of and others not sure about… :thinking:

Overall though, the bundle makes no sense. DayZ is almost the same price as buying it now, and you don’t get anything extra for that specific tier. However, I’d say the tier with Arma III in it is still worth it.