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The Humble BANDAI NAMCO Bundle 3




Wallet is safe/10


I’m only interested in Little Nightmares and 11-11 Memories Retold, but i’m not going to buy the bundle just for those.


I want SAO: Fatal Bullet. Grumble grumble, probably going to keep myself away from the bundle though…


You could always try and buy it cheap in the Group Buys steam group. i’m probably going to try and get the games i want from there so i don’t have to buy the whole thing.


I did enjoy my short time with Enslaved so for 1 buck it’s really worth picking it up!


I just noticed this deal will stay for the whooping 21 days! … No idea why that’s a thing.

I can’t see anything worthy for me except PAC-MAN :smiley:


got tier 1 -because apparently i didn’t have pac-man from last time? :thinking: :man_shrugging:


I’d be more interested if God Eater didn’t have eCancer.
Little Nightmares and Project Cars, I dunno if the average is worth it.


If you were planning on buying Tekken 7, $25 is a great price for the game… just not Humble.

Maybe GetEven is good. That’s basically it.


I think ilm going to get tier 1, i would be able to get a few hours out of pac man and i heard ENSLAVED is good, never heard of Impact Winter but who knows it might be good. Some of the other stuff looks cool but i already have other games I need to play before I get a bunch more.