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The Humble 8-Bit Pixel Game Dev Bundle



Humble Bundle has teamed up with Game Dev Market for a bundle full of pixel art, textures, fonts, sound effects, and tunes. Your next 8-bit pixel game will not only look great but sound great too!

Basically, this bundles includes A TON of assets, both graphic and music, incredibly useful for anyone trying to make their own 8-bit game.




this is amazing :sob:

Where are our game devs/pixel artists at?

@eishiya @yitzilitt @Ravenousld3341 @wasabiyoyo’s friend


Ok, this is pretty sick. I’m definitely recommending this to my friend. Thanks @coralinecastell :DDD


Send them a hug for me, especially if they don’t know who I am and that makes it extra awkward. :hugs:


good thing they are not charging per the pixel :smirk: ayoo :drum:
-i’ll see myself out :smile:


Don’t go giving them ideas, now…


Pixel artists are the people who need pixel art bundles the least xP

An acquaintance of mine is one of the artists in this, though!


mick and dick takin’ bics to wicks, just for licks and kicks, tick tick :bomb:

fricken sick pixel picks, @NICK9X9.


wicked bombs don’t tick, but whatever


As an ambitious fool, I’d love to dissect these assets. I’ve basically nailed lo-fi music in my own right, and I’m really excited to get working on a project… but my main idea is way too ambitious for now.

…later, friend.

Thanks for the heads up!


I saw it as well. I’m interested.

I use premade assets for a few things. Like generic healing item or a low level equipment I don’t expect my players to use for very long.

They are great for forgettable things like that.

It’s the items that players will stare at for a long time that I have to make myself. I just hope I can make the art styles match when I do that. :smiley:


Yep, that’s the asset store way.

Then again, we all remember that apple Jake cuts in Resident Evil 6, don’t we?


I’m tempted to buy this, but I can’t really justify paying money for it, considering it’s not my normal style… but then again, what if I need some good pixel art someday? idk, I’ll probably pass on this one


I’d say at least the $1 tier may be worth a look, depending on your interests.

My attempts at pixel art so far have been pretty weak, so I’m hoping to get a better sense of how to do it right myself.


We have some pixel artists here on this very forum.


In pixel art, one of the biggest sources of style differences is in the way you choose and apply colours. Unless your stock art has a very trivial art style, I recommend doing your own art in whatever style is natural to you (just keep the lighting direction consistent with the stock art!), using whatever palette you feel suits the game, and then recolouring the stock art with your own colour choices to match. This will smooth over most other style differences.

The reason I recommend recolouring the stock art rather than using the stock art’s colours is that even if you get the stock art’s palette, you likely won’t copy the way the artist thought about the colours and how they chose exactly which colour to use where, so it’s still quite likely you’ll end up with a different style, unless, as I said, the stock art has a trivial approach to its colours (e.g. a few fixed ramps always used the same way and no interaction between them). On the other hand, when you have your colours and your coloured assets for which you chose colours your way, it’s easy to apply that same thinking to the stock art :smiley:


Good idea… I’m a shit artist, so i have to work super hard to make anything. This is an actual tile set I made.

  1. It’s ugly as sin
  2. it took me hours.



Here’s that set assembled