The Bug Butcher keys

When I came this afternoon the 3 games weren’t release and now the only interesting game is already sold out, how can people be so quick ?

i’ll throw a bit of random speculation out there

after some “release practice”, people have dialed in the most common release day is Friday
some have for a while thought coin shop release was tied to daily deal reset (tho several times it has proven to not be the case)
thus people “stand by at the ready” whenever it’s 2nd friday at daily deal reset

not to mention it’s daily deal reset so probably a fair bit of traffic just as normal reset/coin habbit

people have gotten better to check notifications (and possibly more types of notifications have been made available that they use, tho i’m unsure if it works for coin shop release too or just daily deal)

random blind luck, was just “this” friday people happened to have no lives and nothing to do, so they sat around waiting

or people have been sitting up since last night when Coin Shop placeholders got put up hinting the new game release was soon

etc etc etc etc
strokes beard while pressing tinfoil hat firmly down

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If you really want Bug Butcher, you could get it for $2.99 (along with a handful of other games) at BundleStars. I believe it’s part of the “Predator Bundle.” But I’m guessing you’re probably just looking to unload some coins.

I also have a key (decided to buy at 79%) that I might be willing to trade… not for anything in the coin shop though :wink:

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I can offer armello, how bout it?

It certainly did sell out quickly!

As Danosaur mentioned you can get it in the Predator Bundle from Bundle Stars.
Also if you are an IGN Prime member, it’s their current free game.

Finally if neither of these options are suitable then I bought it from the Coin Shop, then went and bought the Predator Bundle for some of the other games - so I’ll be doing a bug-themed giveaway some time very soon. :slight_smile:

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Sure, I would take Armello for Bug Butcher.

I wasn’t especially interested by the game but I have 15 000+ coins so I have the urge to spend them for something worth it that’s all.