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I got it :+1:t3: 4 books for 5.00 or pay 15.00 and get 10 books…

“This is a nicely diverse bundle, including queer and trans voices, and as such it presents interesting, thought-provoking science fiction that talks about our future and how we’ll remain human in it from perspectives that are comic, dramatic, sometimes tragic, but always engaging, imaginative, and compellingly told.”


Very cool! But no Ursula?


All discussion of identity politics aside, besides Ursula Le Guin, I find there to be a disturbing lack of Octavia E. Butler too. Just saying, damn shame that the pioneers of the genre were not considered to be a part of today’s female speculative fiction authors. Most especially during this month.


That is a nice selection. I’m going to go with the second tier because it has Child Goddess that I wanted to read for years, but it looks like it won’t be released in Russia ever. Many years have passed, I am not a child anymore, and I don’t read that much fiction anymore. Still, I hope it will be a great read.

I might have passed on the deal, but the books are also DRM-free, and this settles it for me. I don’t really understand the problem with DRM and videogames, if it makes itself invisible to me. But when it comes to books, I don’t want this. It’s a cool website, thanks for the tip!