terror games now

The games like resident evil 7 is like a outlast clone i see various jumpscares cheap for game in my opinion this cheap resourse (jumpcares) is abused in the industry of horror games i dont play this genre because this cheap metod of scaring the player


If you want to experience real horror in a game the horror genre is not where you ought to turn. Any game that places the player as the at risk party is going to fail to sustain the ability to be scary. That situation will only ever work with jump scares because anything else will either not be scary anymore once you’ve either died enough times to just make it annoying or gained the ability to fight back and have no reason to be scared of things anymore.

Go play something like X-com 2: terror from the deep if you want to experience true sustainable dread, for at least half the game. Before you get the Magnetic Ion Armors for everyone and can start to get into fist fights with lobstermen.


Yeah. Jumpscares are just cheap. I hear that all damn day. :poop:


sillent hill is masterpiece of terror and resident evil classic franchise is decent (before 7) this game dont use a cliche like jumpcares 3 seconds after another for scare the player

much movies like the blair wich proyect the remake use this stink tactic and is patetic

is mi opinion


Some people like games with jumpscares like the very popular Friday Night at Freddy’s. It’s a cheap scare but gets the idea across.

I think you prefer psychological horror? Or horror with a dark/depressing atmosphere since you said you liked silent hill. Maybe you’ll like Amnesia: The Dark Descent? Or SOMA? (sorry to say I haven’t played them) I don’t know many horror games so only those came to mind.

I have played horror games but I personally don’t like being scared. So I tend to not buy them unless they have very very positive reviews.


Why waste money on horror games when you can just turn on the news…


Similar to what I was thinking :smile: when I saw the title for the thread


i prefer more psicological terror no jumpcares constant


This is one of the reasons why I avoid horror games and movies, not to mention how some of them can have some really disturbing imagery or scenes.
I like mostly from survival horror games like the classic Resident Evil games.


Yume Nikki comes to mind as a really good psychological thriller, though it is one of those ‘where the fuck do I go next’ games.


If you say so.


Pretty much my thoughts as well. Yeah both of them are first person horror games but that is basically there similarities ends. So calling one clone of another is serious strech.


Anyone ever play the Dino Crisis games?


yeah i play dino crisis 1 and 2


I feel like I have to defend Resident Evil 7!! I’ve played 1Remake, 2Remake, 4, 5, and 7 in the series, and I like them all for different reasons. RE7 in particular does rely on some jumpscares (audio and visual) for its horror, but that’s not to say it’s all it has. I think the atmosphere of the mansion you explore is captured better than a lot of the other setpieces in the series, especially coming after the previous games (4, 5, 6) that were more or less action shooters first.

But I do understand where the complaint comes from! If you’re looking for a different horror experience, it comes in many forms. Games like Inside or Little Nightmares capture your imagination with very little to no dialogue, while games like Alien: Isolation place you in a contained location with a monster you have to work your way around stealthily since there’s no way to beat it. Of course there’s also things like Until Dawn, which is an homage to the horror genre in a few different ways. All these games are horror, but they go about it in different ways. Find what suits your tastes!

Last note, for films that just jumpscares well, try It Follows, or the first Sinister movie :slight_smile:.

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dude i watch sinister and no happen nothing to me maybe because dont watch the movie while is playing jajaja