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Telegram Bot for free games & DLCs


This is a Telegram Bot that will automatically message you when a game goes free on steam or any other trusted sources.
It has features that give you the ability to choose wether you want only games, DLCs or both.
Very straighforward, you just message the bot, press START in the chat box, select what you need and thats it.
No need to bother searching anymore :slight_smile:

Install (send message):
Source code:


I don’t trust random Telegram bots anymore, ever since I subbed to some “gamebot” (which was supposed to be a text adventure) which would never turn off, even tho I turned it off, unsubbed, deleted it…so I had to block it, naah thanks unless this is some official bot.


You can uninstall it any time, I tested it before I posted. No intrusive behaviour, gets deleted forever no problem.
You have the source code, no backdoor shady activities going on.


the bot I mentioned would return every few weeks/months by itself, I’ll wait :slight_smile:

Did you check the complete source code by yourself? I doubt it, also you don’t know for sure that this is the exact same code used for the bot, do you? Can’t check that either afaik.

Check the guy out. He is well known on reddit. No bad rep at all.
But you don’t have to trust the guy tho. Its ok.


I’m not saying it is a bad/evil bot, just that it could possibly lead to annoyances. Anyone can easily check here without any risk whatsoever:

I don’t think that a reddit score of 7000 is anything special, I probably have a few thousand karma, too.


True, but he has other projects he worked on not only this.
The thing is, any software today can be harmful, look at site cookies for example, they are more intrusive than a bot. A bot is a bot, can’t steal data, the software itself is a barrier (the case for telegram), only the links he sends you which happen to be malicious can do that.
Its good to be cautious, double check things, ask questions. And I understand your position, you had problems with bots before.
steamdb is not the best source for freegames, only steam games. Theres more sources that giveaway free games and this bot has that covered up. (AArena, steelseries, humblebundle, gleam, several topics on reddit, discord channels and so on).

If any staff thinks this topic was not a good idea, i don’t mind removing it. I have nothing to gain, just tried to help.


Thanks I will use it
I would have prefered a telegram channel though rather than using a bot directly lol


You can accomplish the same thing and more with isthereanydeal, no need to install anything. The notifications are quite customizable, but I have it set to email me up to once per day if a game is free or if a wishlist game goes on sale.


You can create a channel/group and activate the bot by /start in chatbox.


Is through inviting the bot? Doesn’t seem to work as expected.
How do you stop the notifcations from the bot once you do not want anymore


You just delete the conversation and it won’t bother you anymore


If you want to be know when new games are free on Steam but don’t want the Telegram Bot, you can use an rss feed reader (or use a service like IFTTT that can read rss feeds and make an action from it, like a notification (SMS, mail, push…).
Here are two feeds (I didn’t found how to ignore DLCs though) :


Yeah, I just discovered isthereanydeal a few days ago, and I love it. great design, database, felixibility.


Well if I get it though I’ll have, I guess less of a reason to return here daily. So I’m gonna pass.


Oh okay so thats the only way I thought there be a command or somethin yea it does work tho, can’t stop it temporarily then without deleting history


Thank you for the info skunkz0r, good of you to share.


A /stop command will be added dev said


Thats fair. But you can return for the community anyway, like anytime. Its up to you.


Dude. It’s open source. You can look at the code yourself. There is nothing wrong with it as far as I can see.