Tabletop Simulator


Hey there, I bought Tabletop Simulator this sale. If anyone wants to play something, let me know. My acc is and I’d love to play some board games



@Fraggles and I tried out a little something. Let’s organise for a weekend. That’s most likely the best time to get around any time zone issues.

I’ll be home most of tomorrow morning, but not in the evening.


One day I may buy tabletop simulator though I might wait till sale again haha

There are only a few board games I play tho the rest are very confusing or bored games for me xP Monopoly is one of the games I do play but rarely have i seen it end

I have a few board game thingys on steam probably

I remember this free one about buisness or something looked weird though


monopoly has an end?? :no_mouth:


It’s when everybody collectively decides to fuck it and play a better game