Tabletop Simulator - How To and Other Things

So I got Tabletop Simulator recently/finally, but I don’t necessarily understand everything; I’m looking for people who understand it more than me and who are into more lighthearted strategy games. Games like “King of Tokyo” and “Smash Up”. I’m also into party games. Games like “Dixit”, “Spyfall”, “Apples to Apples”, “Superfight”, etc. So yeah, if anybody is into those types of board games and wants to play, hit me up. Even if our tastes differ, still hit me up as I am usually willing to try and learn something new.

You can’t mention Tabletop Simulator without mentionic Secret Hitler :astonished:

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Haha, is it bad that I don’t know what that is? :confused:

What country or timezone are you in?

Secret Hitler is a game of deception where the goal is to attempt to work with the people your playing with without having them suspecting you to be a Facist