Tablet vs Steam Deck vs Netbook and similar?

In my current sitch, I’m well fretting really. Laptop down, phone down, this tablet barely making it on 512 MB of RAM. So, unless miracles happen, I will be without gaming for a long while yet.

Which one do you think you’d rather have for Xmas: the untested Deck? Or a tablet you know well and trust?

This tablet is the first I’ve ever used and looking at the “best lists” online isn’t terrible helpful.


Right now I would go for a Deck over a tablet, just because of the functionality that the Deck seems to bring and the fact that it’s a little device primarily geared towards gaming. But I were completely without any other devices and needed something for day to day use plus some casual games, I would probably get a tablet, just to be able to do other stuff with it. It’s hard for me to think about this comparison b/c it’s fundamentally unfair as I have a tablet I use day in and day out and so it’s not necessarily for me to get another tablet. But the addition of a Deck would be welcome. So I just wanted to throw that tidbit in there because in my mind, I always want what I don’t have.


I have no interest in neither Deck nor tablet because I do everything either of those would do on a proper computer. But should disaster strike and rob me of that, I’d go for the device that would restore the most of the functionality I had lost. Now I do not know if the tablet you have in mind would do that nor do we really know how useful the Deck will be. It’s a hard choice to make without putting in some research first and of course waiting for the Deck to start existing first.

I might very well lean towards a tablet, I think. I strongly dislike ‘wasting’ money on stopgap solutions and the Deck would likely be tossed into a cupboard and forgotten the moment I had a new computer again while a tablet could possibly see some utility as a complementary device.


If you don’t have the rest of the parts to your computer by Q2 2022, I think you need to get a new friend to send you stuff.

Also, shouldn’t there be a tablet in that package that should’ve been send a long time ago but hasn’t anyway?


That’s the thing is novel and from the hype, very desirable. It would seem to be better than a tablet for speed and who knows, perhaps upgradability. It certain has a ton more expansion potential.

However, it doesn’t technically exist yet, so for someone like me, a tablet would be the answer.

Trouble is there is so much junk out there. Tablet vs Tablet PC vs Chromebook / other “lite laptops”.

Back off of that. even tablets are confusing:

OLED screen vs IPS vs stuff that plain looks terrible (reviewers say)
1 or 2 GB of ram for over $100 USD
SD slots that don’t actually read the cards you buy to increase storage
Companies bribing customers for 5 stars review
Amazon Fire being cheap but you can’t have the Google Play store on it etc

What to do, what to think?


@Pylinaer Yar there is. I don’t know the stats of it though or the features, or else I forgot. >< Nothing but stress and exhaustion lately.

I just got curious and it seems finding any bit of technology is to open a can of worms. Not sand worms, but the tiny iggly wiggly kind that crawl into your brains and leave you crazy. ><


I agree with Fraggles in that the bridging options are usually less than ideal and would probably end up using more funds, though of course you are going for functionality, as all things blew up at the moment, so probably a somewhat decent tablet is probably ideal.

Though the issue does come down to having so many options, but I would tend to not go for the very cheap ones that end up having to be replaced before you have really even used it.


Less flowery specs


@YQMaoski Sadly, it seems from Amazon, even the expensive ones have bitten people in the derriere. Asha had a Surface book for a while. Bought it from a guy who had it a month or two, then saw a new shiny, and got a new thing. The thing didn’t even last Asha 6 months - screen bleed and dead pixels. Bah.v

I like the micro USB and hdmi bits @Pylinaer. It is damn hard to find models with the latter esp it seems

Also remember my friend was sick for a month. She had Covid. I’m just glad she recovered. She aiso lives 50 miles away from any town.

So! Life. Sitting here chatting with you all, doing my hair and crying without tears as I watch the stress breakage pile up. Sigh.


Yeah. Trying to think of a way to stay mobile and get stuff done.

PS. Geforce Now streams on Android, but you only get Fortnite from Epic games and of course, very select Steam games.


I definitely wouldn’t want to use a tablet. You can’t get any work done on it at a respectable pace. Connecting a keyboard doesn’t make things any better, because mobile OS and app interfaces aren’t built for speed of user interaction (no keyboard shortcuts, no complex UIs).
I’d rather use a decade old, slow-ass laptop or PC, than the latest, flagship tablet. Heck, I am using a decade old slow-ass laptop and PC, and I wouldn’t change them for the latest, flagship tablet. For me it’s little more than a toy.

Steam Deck, on the other hand, I could easily turn into a PC - with a monitor, keyboard, mouse and a proper desktop OS. What more could I ask for?

A laptop, I could ask for a laptop. Any would be better for me than a tablet or a Steam Deck desktop PC. I’ve got shit to do and I want to do it in places. Any old laptop is my gift of choice.


Laptops are cool, but I’ve seen Bunny go through so many Acer, Microsoft, the Macbook this and that, I dunno if you can trust them things anymore.


if you base your expected experience on the frequent failure rate of things in someone else’s care, then it might be worth investigating the usage environment as well as the quality of the item.

I’m sure you can find something that will be a solid useful device that will perform for the long run, if you take decent care of it. I’m sure your available selection is limited but have a look at what’s there and we’ll do our best to guide you.


Just thinking. This tablet goes blank for no reason sometimes. Maybe it is squishy at some points and the pressure triggers something. Dude is Galaxy A, SM T380. I’m worried it die on me suddenly. Dunno. Just because bad luck lately.

In any case, there aren’t many options. I had a Toshiba laptop ages ago go - last more than 7 years, but it was bad specs and cost a ton of money here. Didn’t know better. Got robbed back then.

Now, I dunno. Perhaps the Bunny is rough on her electronics but I doubt the dead pixels on her Surface was due to anything she did. Hm.

I may just have to fingers crossed that this thing holds out but since the Deck appeared, the gadget geek in me has been brimming with questions. How does it compare to other things

From lookies, I’m seeing netbooks etc that are so damn expensive, they don’t count as an in between times options. I would just hate to lose touch with my peeps. The people I can physically see are caught in a bunch of stuff I find tedious. They don’t get me either. No tech means utter isolation. Bah.

And yes, le Pylinaer sent a cute tablet as he linked to my Texas buddum, but it’d likely be a cute second monitor, more than something I would rely on for main comms and activities. Much sigh.

Guess I sound out of hope… Feel that way though. Not sure what to do, but maybe we can leave this here for the day that someone smiles at the Steam Deck, screwdriver in hand.



It’s the same tablet I use for my casual browsing needs and reading random stuff online, I don’t really have any issues with it, I wonder why it flickers on you.

I use it also to play some of the free android games that often get posted here in these forums, and again, not really have any issues with it.

But as far as I know, it has 2 GB of ram, no? or is yours somehow a different model?


I think I would rather have a laptop as it is useful for many things but a good one that can run lots of games or even those convertable ones that have a tablet inside them. I can see the appeal of a seperate tablet for other things maybe like art or reading but not really so much for gaming unless you play those small scale apps that also work on mobile. But yea the good laptops can be very expensive though there are second hand refurbished ones.
Desktops can be good value if you don’t want to move around a lot.


@YQMaoski. This is a 2017 tablet I think. Definitely not 2 gb ram but I will double check. Edit. It says 2 GB on web, but if I’m running Subway Surfers, by itself, nothing else running, the game stutters or lags at times. I’m fed up. Heh.

@dogetail agree. Desktop on hold for a while still. So just want basic comms and drawing would be nice.

Those tablet PC things. I dunno. Anyone ever had a good MS Surface book, for instance?


@Danacscott I don’t know what your budget is, but if you ever consider “Renewed” (that’s what my laptop was when I bought it years ago, still working fine), here is a deal. Also the listing mentions:

  • Return this item for free. Free returns are available for the shipping address you chose. You can return the item for any reason in new and unused condition: no shipping charges

$299.89 Dell Latitude E5450 14in Laptop, Intel Core i5-5300U 2.3Ghz, 8GB RAM, 256GB Solid State Drive, Windows 10 Pro 64bit (Renewed)


I don’t trust Dell but perhaps they’ve gotten better at making stuff over the years. :man_shrugging:

It’s a very cute lil machine @markwr. Could still be portable at 6 pounds if the battery is any good. Also not sure how easy/pricey parts for Dell things can be.

Right now, no budget. I’m looking into options and likely relatives can help me get back to digital.

PS. That laptop is about the same cost as a brand new Samsung S6 Lite. Interesting


I never had a ms surface book but I hear some are very good, I looked at some in the shop a few years back the screens looked quite sharp and they are capable of running a lot but quite expensive for the sort of specs I was looking for. I opted for a cheaper ultrabook. I would say they are not bad at least xD I’m not sure about how well it does everything overall but they look nice lol and look well built enough. It depends on your needs really and what kind of device appeals I suppose. And they have like similar competitors too I suppose and some might be cheaper or better depending on what functionality is needed.