Super Trench Attack code doesn't work on steam?

I’m trying to redeem the code on steam and it says that I already own the game, but when I search all my games on steam I don’t have it. I’m not sure what’s happening with this code?

try this
first go to the store page of the game, see if says it’s already in library
you can also go to your Account Details page (you can click top right corner of steam page where your account name is)
then go to View Licenses and Product key activations page
then do a search (Ctrl+F) type the game name in the box that appears
if either method lists your game, then you do indeed own it, -and either you somehow entered your key twice to make it pop up with that message,
or you already owned it and you now have a spare key to give

always make sure you key is entered correctly, sometimes when copy paste you can miss a digit (tho that shouldn’t pop up “with already owned”)

(and sometimes you need to restart steam client if it borks out)


Thanks, Gnuffi… didn’t know the key activations page!

Also, this happened to me a few times. Hiding games (right click the game, choose “Set Categories”, then “Hide this game in my library”) was the cause… if you search them in Steam client, they won’t show up. You can view all your hidden games by clicking on the “Games” menu next to the search box, where you’ll have a new option named “Hidden”.

To unhide a game, simply select it with right-click → “Set Categories”… then uncheck the “Hide this game in my library”.
Hope it helps :slight_smile:


Good thing you mentioned the “hidden game” feature,
i complete spaced out on that as a possibility -*facepalm
since i didn’t even assume it would be connected with a “newly activated” game, but if @Dezerian did own the game prior to this code activation, hidden game function could very well have been the cause of not being able to find it in this instance
very good catch @icaio! :thumbsup:

Hide games.

Cries in

so true lol