Super Preemptive Year in Retrospect!!

There are still 5 days left, but I thought it might be worthwhile to reflect on the past year, and make resolutions for how to spend the last few days of it!

So: How was 2018? Any major personal milestones hit? What are you planning to do to make the most of the last few days of it?

For me 2018 was, a typical year (with a few notable exceptions). I made progress towards my graduation; research, graphs and programming. Had the realization I will likely need to get a terminal degree beyond my masters, and trying to figure out my next steps/ Lived the continued isolation of a scholar, but met some other grad students. Went back home for a few weeks. Read some great books, some okay books and some really bad books. Reconnected with an old friend, drifted out of touch with some family. Had a few different RPG groups that fell apart, now just down to one good group. Got Lymes disease and almost found love.
And of course, I was here (lurking for the most part)!

What am I going to do over the next 5 days? Search me, but the big 3 right now are: -Complete 5 trials (starting in 2 days), -Finish 2 books of the 3 I have started, -Continue to move through Hollow Knight (just started yesterday :upside_down_face:), in addition to that I hope to celebrate new years with some friends (but who am I kidding, I am going to go to bed early and sleep right on through).

How about you? I hope 2018 was a year that even at its worst inspired us all to be better!


pls do share man:


I refuse to spoil it for myself (though I have been taking screenshots like a madman), I tried really hard not to read that thread all to closely.
To clarify: One of the reasons I love games is that I love organic exploration, and not knowing stuff about where I go is really important to me, so I like to just experience the game.

Killed False knight on my 1st try, killed Wasp on my 2nd try, Had my first permanent loss of geods while wandering that stupid underwater zone…


which underwater zone? don’t tell me u mean royal waterways; i just discovered that like 40h in (well, 34h in rly, apparently idle master played this game for 6-7h before me…), rofl


The past five years have been awful, so I’m glad to say that 2018 was really productive and I’ve actively worked towards a life worth living.
Now I’m still not done yet, but I’d say I’m 90% there. Once I can truly leave all this behind I might want to share my story or take it to my grave. I will decide on that once I get there. Not that anyone asked anyway.
I will spend the rest of this year relaxing as I want to get shit done next year! And I will be doing some music as I’ve gotten some creativity back recently. Maybe I will finish a song or two. It has been forever since I’ve done that. Will be spending new year’s eve with my best friend in Cologne, which in itself is a milestone considering how I’ve spent the past few.
A real sob story, but things are looking up and that’s what I wanna get at!

I hope you all had a good year and make the most out of 2019!


You and me both, I try my best to go exploring on my own, not listen/read anything about stuff I haven’t seen yet. :slight_smile:

I played spelunky for about 120 hours before I allowed @onLooSe to give me serious hints on how to play… properly. lol…

2018 for me has been a lot of fun, made a lot of good friends here and met some interesting people. Life otherwise is just moving forward, every second, every minute, and feels rather smooth. :slight_smile:

New Year’s Resolution: preemptively stop buying so many games!!!




Oh! Idle Master used to frustrate the hell out of me. So flaky. I’ve started using Idle Daddy on my dog and bone. Seems to work well, and quickly. Was spitting out cards like it was speed.


That was my resolution for this year… it didn’t go so well. I hope you have better luck than I had.


I have a son!!! Born 7/21 and loving every moment of it. Lots of trials the first part of the year, and of course once my son was born, but it’s been a blessed time. I would not trade 2018 for any other year, in the past, and I look forward to the many fun years to come :smiley:


This year, I got promoted twice…
Fell in love for the first time, and got heartbroken.
I learnt a lot about myself.
I bought my parents their first laptops.
I applied to study - a dream I couldn’t afford a few years ago…
I got rid of some bad friends.
I was in a threesome relationship (very interesting dynamic)
I moved out of my parents place, and then back in.
I got my first credit card (adulting ftw)
But in total, through the pain, through the good and the bad, I have grown. And that’s what’s cool about every year :blush: You level up

Happy New Year you guys! I hope the next year has everything you want waiting in it :tada::sunflower:


Oh my, the trials and tribulations on the precarious razor’s edge, that is polyamory. Best of luck with that, love. It doesn’t get any easier as an adult. Like all relationships it takes patience, understanding, and work. :vulcan_salute::peace_symbol::crossed_fingers:


Thank you :blush: I was prepared for the patience, understanding, and work. But one of the parties was not. And that’s where the first love and heartbreak comes in :joy: But I learnt a lot from it, and while I am still trying to repair some damages, it was well worth the experience gained :blush: :sunflower:


We must be quite a sight
In our meat triangle
All tangled