[Super off-topic] Whaaaaat about a "make the world a bit better" thread? Please don't hate me, one can try, right?

As in we share products or brands (or even dev studios to stay a bit in the usual :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ) associated with not so known shady practices, risky/bad ingredients and idk what else, just bad stuff that we should be avoiding or at least know of :sweat_smile:

I’ll just start with something crazy I randomly discovered to get the convo (possibly) started:

There are some tooth pastes (also deos and other cosmetics but my example is a tooth paste) that contain a ingredient called “Triclosan”, a biocide, to kill off bacteria in your mouth. This is mostly done to keep the fresh smell for an extended period of time (claimed are 12+h but that requires you not to eat or drink anything that emits smell in that time).
Now for one, as is widely known we humans NEED lots of different kinds of bacteria everywhere on and in our bodies, so this isn’t really a good thing to have in your mouth or possibly in your stomach if swallowed. The real concern tho, is that scientists fear that Bacteria will become resistant to it, similar to using Antibiotics irresponsibly PLUS due to certain similarities to how certain real antibiotics work (namely Doxycyclin & Ciprofloxacin), it could eventually render them ineffective.

Tl; dr: Triclosan in cosmetics screws humanity in a similar way the irresponsible use of antibiotics does, you should probably avoid using it for the sake of everybody.

This stuff is e.g. in “Colgate Total” which afaik is pretty popular.

Don’t get me wrong, there certainly are valid use cases for it, e.g. disinfection in hospitals and practices, but it’s absolutely in the wrong place in cosmetics.

Please save me from comments I’d be playing a white knight, I really just thought it’d be nice to share information like this and am sure we could all learn from it :slight_smile:

Wikipedia: Triclosan - Wikipedia


well, -obviously:

:joy: :rofl: :laughing: :joy:

Edit: proceeds to actually read post: :man_facepalming:
-luckily i live in a place where they try to ban or limit chemicals or stuff that will kill you, or might, or could potentially cause issues, so turns out Triclosan is hard to find here, a claim says only 18/913 cosmetics here has it now, and 15/288 deodorants…
-i better go stock up big time then!, for when people crave that triclosan deoderant during the impending zombie apocalypse! :thinking::sunglasses::blush:


What exactly did you not understand about the thread’s aim? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Also I don’t see what it has to do with fighting zombies, unless you want the dead to smell fresh lol


other way around
when you fight zomboids, you become sweaty,
and there is no running water in the apocalypse. So either have to wet wipe yourself down like Eli, and/or use that suddenly ultra precious commodity: Triclosan Deoderant -to really get rid of dat stank :wink: :joy:
(can probably sell/trade a stick of deo for at least 5 days rations of water… :thinking: :heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign::heavy_dollar_sign:)


But there are more effective deos without it so that doesn’t make a whole lot of sense lol


y but zombie apocalypse… lots of ppl would start smoking again too


speaking of which


yo this is actually insane, lol:



but are they as effective at killing bacteria in your pits as triclosan tho, bacteria killing deo would be highly important in the zombie apocalypse :wink: :joy:

on topic tho:
i tend to block all of these kinds of thing out (and not just because EU+local country tries to make semi strict rules “so we don’t have to worry as much” :roll_eyes:), but because i find it bat shit crazy and insanely terrifying some of the stuff that have been approved, and used, (and still is sometimes), in our household products,
want a cup of coffe, -sure: want a side of cancer syrup with that?, aeh, what now?!?
-how’s your burger?, is the taste of “yoga mat” to your liking? -*cough what?!"

-lead in your lipstick, so you can safely kiss your radioactive partner :dizzy_face:
etc etc etc :exploding_head:

i stopped watching/reading all that stuff years ago because it just wasn’t worth the anxiety attacks to keep up with everything eventually :smile: i’d likely die of a panic induced heart attack before it got to poison me :joy:


I know, crazy shit is in many products, but keeping track of the stuff you buy isn’t as difficult as you make it out to be :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Also as I said, you may also call out some crap brands, I mean Nestle is pretty known for being the shit (in a negative way) lol


Something really shady and bad that happens often is that when big corporations are forced by the EU or the US to withdraw products because they are dangerous or have hidden defects, they just go ahead and dump those on the African (and possibly South American) markets, as seen over and over again…

or other sickening stuff like this:


not difficult no
-but terrifying

reading an ingredient list on even an organic apple can be terrifying at times :wink:

like someone wise said: ignorance is bliss
much less stress not worrying if and what might poison me when and where, -and just eat my bologna sandwich without a care


I can’t blame you for trying to avoid stressing about it, but we kinda do have a responsibility to take, at least a little. It’s easy to complain about the big firms shitting all over the planet, but we should at least try to be better in our own small ways :slight_smile:

Edit: I kinda wanna have kids some day and I don’t want them living in dirt and illness just cause me (and billions others) were like “let’s not think about it” just cause it’s easier. The easy way isn’t always the right way. I’m not just referring to this single ingredient, there are lots of things going the wrong way, but just watching and even financing it doesn’t seem right to me :confused:


problem is rules/regulations aren’t worldwide
it’s so big a problem that even if something is deemed unsafe or outright banned say in the EU, but not in the US, they will lobby like crazy to overturn rulings to be able to sell their products there
or vice versa, if a product isn’t “legal” to manufacture in the EU, due to environment or health regulations, they just, legally, outsource it to China, because not illegal to import, despite obviously just poisoning their workers/environment instead.
safety and health standards shouldn’t really be a “debate” issue, it should be “universal”, but as with anything, corporations, capitalism etc, “money talks”, so if something can make money somewhere or one way, ofc they are gonna push, try, or in the end dump if off where they can

same thing with actual dumping
if a fine is only (ex) 50,000$ but you stand to “earn” 500,000 by the disposal method, there is no incentive to not keep it up, because “somewhere” the chain is lose is enough, because it’s “better that way/there”
hell look how long the cigarette scam got to keep theirs up, and it’s still possible to find people willing to “debate” it that it’s “not harmful/or bad” :roll_eyes:


true [edit: omg i spelled ‘true’ ‘through’ wtf rofl], but sadly in some countries regulations just don’t matter cuz they just bypass those with bribes, and it’s the regular ppl that pay the price


i didn’t mean it like that :wink:
you can ofc be informed, but how informed you “need” to be, or how much to constantly keep updating your “avoid this” panic-label-notebook, is another thing
more sorta put your trust in what you already know is good/bad, and stick with certain product/government/consumer group labels, even if they might miss some or get a few wrong here or there
and not google everything because a new ingredient pops up you might have used at some point (sorta like, not googling symptoms because that just leads to web MD purgatory :smile:)
(unless willing to go true 100% eco green “0 waste” ofc) :laughing:
otherwise that’s how we end up with the crazed populace of a raving homeopathic pandemic


like i said, money talks… and humans will human, and they will keep at as long as they can, and even more and longer if there is a couple of cents or dollars in it…
sign me up for an apartment on Mars :+1: i hear they don’t have the hoomong problem… -yet :wink:
just for the love of all that is sacred, keep the ketchup shipments coming! :joy:


Gotcha, still, this thread is meant to spread some knowledge that might or might not be useful to everyone and avoiding triclosan really is easy af + effective in a way :slight_smile:


well, that and how to survive the zombie gnome apocalypse, cuz… priorities


obvious answer is human :stuck_out_tongue: since i never saw a penguin or any bird tweet on twitter for their rude neighbours

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wait, in response to what question? lol