Super Lame Giveaway - Brutal Legend [ENDED]

Already had the game. Loved it! :metal:
But I took a key from the HumbleBundle giveaway just in case one of you guys would want a copy but missed the bus. I’ve been there before and it’s a sad place. So, I’m here to help.

Comment “BITEME” if interested; like a show of hands.
Open for the next 9 hours (approx - As in give or take 1 hour or so maybe) Stand by for updates. We may have a donor for another key, expanding the prize pool to 2 keys. The giveaway is still open :smiley: for at least 9 more hours.

I’ll pick a winner at random by assigning a serial number to each entrant and using to pick a winner. I know I’m going to extraordinary [extraordinarily lame] lengths for such a simple thing but I want to be as fair as I can be when I’m giving away the key.
I’ll post any and all developments here in this thread.

I hope to God that I’m not violating any rules.
And any kind of microtransactions in $60 games is bad!
Also, Lootbox gambling is bad too!
Peace! :slight_smile:

Update: @Punkster was kind enough to donate a key to the cause so we will have two winners. Be sure to comment if you want to win a key. Entry closes at 3:00 PM UTC (approx) Good luck!

Giveaway Ended


BITEME :wave::lips:

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I’m currently playing this, I’m so happy I got it when it was free, such good memories and METUL are flowing back :smiley: good of you to do that everyone should play this great archive. With an all-star cast and (including the late Lemmy :cry: ) A very witty dialogue throughout, you can’t go wrong with this game, especially free.




Giveaway updated! Read the thread post :smiley:

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Yeah. The game is very under appreciated. More people should play it.

Sorry for the double post. The odds are great; 3 entries so far and 2 keys to give away :slight_smile:

Update: Entries closed. Gonna draw the 2 winners.

AND THE WINNERS ARE… @AcornAvenger and @intimid
Congratulations. I’ve PM’d you both the keys.

Super special thanks to @Punkster for supplying the second key.


No problem, bud. It was good of you to do it.


love it when you guys do this stuff :hugs:
doesn’t matter if it was a leftover freebie,
-giving it to someone that could use it before expiration date, is always better (than having it expire and vanish in the aether), and a good thing, in my book
props to you peeps, for grabbing the key in due time, -not forgetting it, and sharing the bounty
(i should get better at remembering to grab such freebies myself when offered just to share with others)


Thank you guys so much! :heart::smiley: You really rock! :muscle::tada: it’s so nice to be part of such a friendly and caring community :’)