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Sundered: Eldritch Edition free @Epic Games Store



Free next week, Jan 16 - Jan 23…


OMG! I cannot recommend Horace enough! It’s sooooooo good…

Sundered is also really good fun too. :smiley:


Anyone having a problem logging in? My brother is having an issue where it says the email is incorrect (“incorrect response, please fresh the page” or something like that), but it was working for him yesterday while he played. :thinking:


Worked fine for me, so doesn’t seem to be a systemic problem.


I never heard of Horace until @YQMaoski recommended it recently, looking forward to that one.


Me either. Thanks, Geeky.:heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation::heavy_heart_exclamation:


Thanks for the share. ^^


Epic’s cookie size is out of this world…give it a year and it’ll probably be a full gigabyte…you’ll need external storage just for site settings…


800kb for me, you sure everything is normal there?


Just deleted an 83MB cookie for Epic…


Good thing I just load off the exe files of the games hahahahaha
But seriously I wonder why that amount of cookies stored is necessary. Hmmmm…


Just visiting the Epic store pages gave me those cookies so you have them too…haven’t used the launcher for ages.


yea that doesn’t seem normal :no_mouth:
my entire cookie “collection” is only like 4.4MB


You obviously have good cookie management


that’s nice


Epic’s website is very benign. Cookie size is ‘normal’. Has never once had any trackers or anything that I would flag as dodgy. Is it the Yellow Peril again?


Just checked again (and remember I cleared my Epic cookies a few days ago)


Is that just cookies though? Or pre-saved site data? like images and such?


indeed, it says site data, not just cookies.


I’m ignorant of the finer details but wouldn’t that be the same for everyone (i’ve visited maybe 3 or 4 pages on the site) and aren’t cookie sizes displayed here different from cached data?