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Summer "Scratchy" Sale on Indiegala


Do you think the “secret game” would be anything good?

I hope it wouldn’t be one of those asset flips they’ve been giving away in their massive giveaways.

Has anyone here bought anything?

If anyone does buy something, please let us know what you got.



Heh, no I really don’t.
I’d hazard a guess and say it’s going to be exclusively the kind of shite they keep giving away every week.


i bought something from indie gala a while back that had the same promotion as this and all i got was shitty games but one exception, bedlam. It was meh


naa same type of cheap or bad games that greenmangaming gives out when do this i bet, don’t let it be your incentive at least, not worth is as an “extra” if you can get the deal better elsewhere,


I am in agreement with everyone else. They have offered so much crapola lately…like games that have been banned on Steam…etc…

Only bite if it’s a game you want…and it’s not on sale elsewhere.


The scratchy sale is on again.
I got some game from the scratchy thing it was meh (Space Hack). Free is free though so yee. I got a better game in the last scratchy sale.