Suggestions/Recommendations - Indie games to play (PC)

Alright, seems there are so many “favourite game” type threads, but they are usually a big mash of game types, platform and age
And lately i’ve managed to go through a couple of games in my backlog that i found to enjoy. So thought why not make another “games i love, you gotta try this” type thread, this time pertaining only to indies available on PC, to see if we couldn’t broaden the horizon with some solid recommendations.

So what, 3-5-10, indie games would you suggest people should try before quitting gaming or turning to dust from old age?
And why do you recommend this/these games? Story, “dem feels”, gameplay, mechanics, art or aesthetics, etc etc. or is it just fun or weird as hell and must be experienced?


I already recommended this one back when it was on sale a little while ago.

I still stand by that recommendation. Though we also recently discussed what indie really means these days, so in light of that I’m also going to recommend The Witcher 3.

It’s an indie game by any technical definition, but I’ve recommended that one in the past as well, you think you narrow a thread down but still I end up just repeating myself.

Lets see if I can dig something new up…

This game is brilliant in my opinion. If you enjoy JRPGs at all I’d say this one is well worth picking up. The first one was a little bare and might have felt more like a tech demo of the central idea. On their 2nd attempt they’ve really explored how to use the idea of changing not only graphical fidelity on a time axis but also switching between genre types. The game will switch from top down to side scroller to vertical shooter and plenty of other game types over the course of the game.

The story is decent, not a masterclass work by any means but it’s engaging enough and there’s a fair bit of humour involved. Combat systems shift a lot but the base system is zelda like rather than the JRPG style turn based menu fighting.

Over all I found it a very engaging title that I ended up 100%ing in 35h


Bah…that’s what i get for procratinating. I believe @Shalandir made the last games you’ve played/would recommend thread similar to what i had in mind and now you too @Gnuffi. :sob:

I’ll make my own eventually dangit, just gotta stop being lazy and also put a new spin on it first. :stuck_out_tongue:

@Fraggles you’re way too into MotN mate chill :grin: i’ll def. have to retry it sooner or later. You also pushed it in Punksters thread i think. I’ll play Witcher 3 when i get a new PC so it’ll prolly be at least 80% off by then. Hue.
I’ve played the original Evoland and found it very amusing, i have the second one and know it’s various genres this time instead of just JRPGs but i keep delaying it. Also, did you take your time with it or what? At 35 hours to 100% it’s like 3 times and change longer than the first one if i’m not mistaken.
Oh and nice GOG pushing you’ve got going on there. :smile:

I wasn’t in a particular hurry through the game and I replayed a couple of dungeons to find hidden loot that I thought I might have missed, some times I hadn’t. At the end of it I did end up spending a little time achievement hunting but that not very much. I do play at a fairly leisurely rate and I explore every corner of everything for hidden stuff. I also rather enjoyed the card game and spent some time just hunting down people to play with and played it for fun over and over now and then.

How long is Evoland 2? | HowLongToBeat has the game listed at a bout 15-20 for noncompletionists.

Its a 2d xcom with nice music and a great aesthetic


[details=Ahem I’ll name a “few” of the ones I’ve played:]

  • If you like ARPGs, you must play this one. There are four available classes with interesting skills trees to choose from, three acts (more to come) with lots of maps and monsters to slay. Currently in early access, but the developer is a dedicated man, you heard me, a man, not men. It’s just one dude doing amazing stuff! And every content update brings something interesting for you to come back and play some more.

  • If you like platformers and pushing off your friend to his/her death, this is the one. You can still enjoy it in single player, but the best part of this one is the comedy and co-op.

  • 2D side-scroller shooter a la Metal Slug with tons of weapon customization and possibilities. It can be a bit repetitive because you have to farm for materials to build and upgrade. Good thing it can also be played 2-4 player co-op and online. Wonderful pixel art, I’ve discovered its development because of the man behind those sprites, Paul Robertson.

  • Hack and slash with beautiful pixel art and wonderful soundtrack. The combat is a bit tough to master, in a good way, you will die a lot at the start, specially if you go the wrong path! The story is a mystery, you basically won’t understand a single word spoken in this world, so it’s up to your interpretation. Lots of exploration and secret areas in this one!

  • Ah, what a lovely yet twisted little thing. It is the first game that I’ve played from the Momodora series, one of my favorites platformers of this day and age. Everything in this world is cute, including you! And you attack with a leaf! My god, go play it! If you want it to be a breeze, you can, or you can challenge yourself and go full Dark Souls.

  • Interesting little JRPG. You’re a little girl who need no man, or team! She is able to use every kind of weapon and you’ll need to use them to your advantage. You will have to plan your actions though, every weapon has a wait time before it’s used, so you’ll need to time your attacks and defences right or the enemy squashes your small soft body!

  • You are the King/Queen! And you have the task to build your kingdom, but you might get surprised while at it… Survive.

Yes, I like pixel art games, alright?.. [/details]


Not a hero is a fun, fast paced side-scrolling platformer in which you help a bunny become mayor by shooting gangsters.

oh, and btw, one of my absolute favourite indies i highly recommend

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I’d definitely recommend Death Road to Canada for a roguelite with great humor. Even though it can be very difficult for many players, the number of weird scenarios that can kill or reward you is worth every choice you make.

Death Road to Canada

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I’ve been so hooked on this game lately. Gameplay is simple but there’s a lot to do, and a lot to discover. It’s very casual, and doesn’t require you to rush the objectives; which makes it really relaxing to play. It has an amazing soundtrack as well.

Weird. Link isn’t working. Game is Stardew valley

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Nice puzzle game.
Gameplay 10
Mechanics 10
Art 10
Easy on system resources and also modern. Also has a nice atmosphere.

The Swapper

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I agree with @iselisemor534 The Swapper is a fantastic little game.
If you like choose your own adventure type books and a lot of reading i have played 80 Days lately which was fun.
Also Bastion and Transistor are superb.
Look up Papers Please as well, it may look boring but really is compelling.
Also Rocket League so many hours in this game… too many…

Just finished Mark of the Ninja and WOW, I second that recommendation as much as possible. What a polished game… it bleeds care and perfectionism. The gameplay is fluid and absurdly tight… incredible how it all comes together.

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It’s like a Telltale platformer, a story-driven game, somewhere in-between The goonies and Poltergeist, with great dialogues and soundtrack. You may not notice it, but this game has asynchronous multiplayer that subtly ties into the story.

From the makers of Limbo. The game doesn’t have dialogue, hud, interaction prompts. There’s no loading screens, levels, enemies to defeat. Beatifully minimalistic aesthetics made of muted colors with an accent of reds. And the trippiest story, told without a spoken word.