[Suggestion] SpeedRunners and encore deal

Noticed you guys did the Monaco deal not too long ago. SpeedRunners is another awesome game to play with friends. A 4-pack deal like Monaco would be awesome! I’d love to be able to purchase them in bulk and gift them to my friends.

One more thing, since I just discovered this website a few days ago, I would take a moment to say that you guys are awesome. The website is beautiful, staff are friendly, and the deals are amazing. Oh I’ve been missing out on so many deals prior to discovering this website. Adding on to that, an encore deal for games that have been on sale in the past would be amazing for people like myself who are new to this website. And by the way, I’ve recommended this website to all my friends! You guys totally deserved it.



yes easy website & good desing not complicated like the others bundle sites

but the problem the games sometimes its bad deals not the price but the game its not good


Super happy to hear you are enjoying the site!

We’re big fans of SpeedRunners here, so we’re definitely trying for a deal. :slight_smile: