[Suggestion] Signature below message

Hey !

Personally I would like to put a signature under my posts, because my English is horrible,
and I would learn from my mistakes, and prevent those who read me,

but it concerns me that the other will want to do something else
this is why I find that the use of signing would be nice

Limit it to a few characters, discreet

i make an example on photoshop :grin:
(Topic took totally random)


That’s a totally reasonable request, but I’m against signatures for a few reasons:

  1. They are ripe for abuse.
  2. They clutter up the flow of threads.
  3. Most of the time they don’t offer any useful information.
  4. Discourse doesn’t support them by default [the most important reason!].

Of course I’m open to changing my mind, but in the short term I don’t see us adding them. Honestly, @Feel, your English is pretty damn good. If people are jerks to you they’ll be dealt with. :slight_smile:

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Just a proposal, I generally agree,
that’s why I talk about character limit for certain abuses,
We can add to this : no pictures.(it seems to me necessary)

It would also strengthen the community side, displaying his taste for certain things in the signature, or a state of mind, each uses the signature as he wants :grin:

in my example i trying to make the smalest possible, for not to interfere the flow of threads

  • Everyone will not necessarily use signatures :yum:

Anyway … thank’s for reply ! keept in mind :heart_eyes: