Suggestion: Sales Breakdown

I would like to see something like what Humble does, or at least what Groupees does. With a sales counter at the very least. Maybe even a split of how many buy from PC/Mac/Linux.

Hope that isn’t too much work.

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personally i don’t see the point in this
not to mention possibly a potential “business harm” by offering competitors advantage/negotiation power with public data like that

and as i understand it groupess does it because of the “unlock” counter, so need to keep publicly track of things
and humble does it for “charity transparency”/charity support brags
-but if you notice they do not do it on other sales, not even monthlies, not store sales or non-related packs

i don’t think there are many stores, or even businesses that share data in such a way, since it could potentially be a disservice offering outside parties are better hand at the table