{suggestion} Free to play bundles/crate type stuff!

Any chance you guys might do like a “here’s a bunch of random crates/bundle/card packs for a bit cheaper”? Specifically for Blizzard games? I know they like to keep to they’re own but maybe just maybe, with the new Heroes of the Storm stuff coming out, the recent expansion for Hearthstone and the new Overwatch stuff… maybe even throw in a WoW pet or something? I dunno, just thinking it would be a nice fit with the one day sale stuff. Cheers!

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Blizzard doesn’t want anyone that isn’t themselves to touch their stuff, I think it’s quite fitting to say here that hell will freeze over before they let someone do anything like you suggested.

Edit: Not saying I wouldn’t love for it to miraculously happen though.


Yeah, I’m 99% sure it would never happen but you never know. I figured might as well suggest, and maybe it might spark something similar or what not. Even if it wasn’t Blizzard stuff, a nice free to play discount would be rad. :smiley:

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They have done it before ^^


I think they did one before too for a different game, can’t remember now it was awhile ago. I guess my suggestion was just more of a “hey I liked that do it some more”. :smiley:

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