{Suggestion} A Few Good Games To Try For

I recommend these games just because in my opinion they are great games that are fun to play.

Shadowrun Returns/Dragonfall/Hong Kong - I recommend trying to get the triple pack. I have even seen the original returns like 90% off before so it shouldn’t be to hard. Hong Kong is the newest but getting the collection so you can go through the story is just great.

Planetary Annihilation Titans - Titans is like the new version of PA and they have really improved it since their first release. The original Pa can be bought for like $1 though which is why i suggest titans.

Starpoint Gemini 2 - They recently had a big sale because they wanted to promote their new one coming on early access and it is a great space sim in my opinion.

Stardew Valley - Its a simple game that I personally loved it and they sold like a million copies of it with no sale so if you could manage to get that i bet it would sell well.

Space Pirates And Zombies - Its an awesome little game that was really fun to play. They are making spaz 2 and it should be out this year so im sure they would welcome you guys helping promote their games.

Recettear: An Item Shops Tale - Is a great game where you run an item shop and also farm for materials to make things in a kind of miniish dungeon. I loved it and as far as i know so has everyone i know who has ever played it.

Anomaly Collection - Its a kind of tower defense game that looks amazing and is fun to play. It also takes on a new way of looking at things and i really loved it. Anomaly warzone earths trailer was the reason i bought the first and once i finished it i bought every other one they made.

Kingdom Rush - Fun tower defense game but its not to hard to find a good sale on it since its been out a long time.

Dont Starve Collection - They are really fun survival games and i recommend trying for it if possible.

Sid Meiers Civilization 5 Collection - Its not hard finding the entire collection on sale for 75% off on something like the winter sale but i do recommend it.

Infested Planet - Its a kind of swarm rpg game with buildings if that makes sense. I really loved it when i bought it and i wasn’t expecting it to be one of my favorite games ever.

Strike Suit Infinity/Zero - Its a space sim game that looks amazing and is fun. I absolutely loved the soundtrack of it to and its rare that i like a soundtrack enough to buy it.

Xcom Enemy Unknown Complete Pack - Its a great game and with #2 being out i think getting the complete pack with all the dlcs wouldn’t be hard.

Wasteland 2 - Its more fallout then fallout is. Its like the old 1 & 2 fallout games but with a much bigger world in my opinion. The dev is always trying to improve it and add even more stuff for free to.

Transistor - It was an amazing game in both the game and the soundtrack and the art. To date it is the best soundtrack i have ever heard and i made sure i bought it. It even comes with 2 versions where she hums on every song and one where she doesn’t.

Darkest Dungeon - While still newish is a great although very hard game. I recommend trying for it in the future.

Banner Saga - Really good game with a nice art and in my opinion i really interest world lore. Since the second will be out soon i think it might be a nice one to try.

Banished - Its a cool kinda sim city type game only if you were villagers starting from nothing to make a town and such. I loved it myself. I think he is working on a second so it might be a nice one to try for.

Deponia Collection - I loved the art and story in it and watching everything unfold personally.

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance - This is the most awesome badass game you will ever play. I really recommend this.

Europa Universalis 4 - It is the most complex and fun grand strategy game i have ever played. It has 41 dlcs and is just an amazing game. I think once a year it has a collection that has all but the last 2 or 3 expansions and their dlcs 75% off but even then it is expensive. I think it would be a great one to try to do.

Thats all i can think of atm and yes i have no life >.> think i spent an hour or 2 thinking this up lol.


Holy crap, that’s a lot of suggestions!

A bunch of these we’re definitely trying for, but I’ve added a few to our List™ due to your suggestion. AAA games are a harder nut to crack, but we’ll get there some day. :slight_smile:

Oh, and The Banner Saga was our second sale ever!


Hope it all goes well :smiley:


Didn’t notice the ninja edit.


I think the OP has played most, if not all, of the games above, since he/she clearly enjoyed them and that’s why he/she can recommend them in the first place.
Btw, great list! I agree with most of your recommendations, and would love to see the games on Chrono.gg, especially the ones I don’t already have :relaxed:


This is super cool. Ty!

I used to many emotes x.x

I seem to have the tendency here to only type like 75% of what i mean to say so i have to correct or rewrite every single thing i post lmao.


They are my personal favorites that i played through and completed.

Took more time then i expected to look through the 300ish games i have bought and picking what i thought were the best of the best though lol.


Transistor is awesome! In every respect a unique game (and I am eager for Pyre, now that it is announced, too). Yes, the soundtrack is awesome and easily listenable outside of the game. Carried it with me for quite a while.

Nice collection, btw. Haven’t played many games of the rest, but they seem like really good titles.

Oh, and nothing wrong with making lists. It’s fun. :wink:


I loved Bastion, but haven’t played Transistor yet. Also looking forward to Pyre, it looks beautiful!

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These are awesome suggestions - will do what we can!

The shadowrun games are great, some of my favourite games of recent years.The first two work surprisingly well on mobile too.


If you guys (and/or gals) are still taking suggestions/recommendations for future sales, then I’d recommend trying to get “Masquerade: The Baubles of Doom”. It looks like a pretty basic beat 'em up, but the art style and story seem to be its main selling point. I’m hesitant to pay full price though because I fear it’ll get repetitive way too quickly. So yeah, if you could add this to the “List” (whatever the “List” may be) that would be pretty cool.


My suggestions will be mostly indie games just out of convenience to Chrono that were typically award-winning GOTY contenders for their category. They are a mixture of owned/wanted games:

  • Mini Metro - newish (November 2015) strategy/simulation puzzle game that I saw at PAX. Was a finalist for Best Debut @ BAFTA Game Awards 2016. Also GDCA 2016 honourable mention for Best Debut and a bunch of IGF 2016 awards.
  • Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes - Co-op puzzle party game. Funny as hell to watch on Twitch or play with friends, won multiple awards ranging from Most Innovative 2015, Best Social Experience 2015, to Gamer’s Voice 2015.
  • Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime - Local co-op action simulation party game. 11+ indie awards including Best Gameplay from Big Festival, bring a friend to throw keyboards with you.
  • Six Sides of the World - Casual puzzle game. New (January 2016) and under-appreciated chill game.
  • SPAZ (Space Pirates and Zombies) - An amazing space game with the sequel coming out this year, I accidentally missed the $1.99 (80% off) sale last year. :sob:
  • HELLDIVERS - co-op action twin stick shooter…think top-down Diablo.
  • Kerbal Space Program - hilarious sandbox physics simulator that I only suggest so the last 3 people that don’t own it hurry up and buy it. No excuse! Best game to come out of Early Access on Steam!
  • Grim Dawn - new action-RPG with a ton of loot. Colorful, fun, Diablo 2 for 2016.
  • Age of Wonders III Deluxe Edition - turn-based strategy set in a fantasy world. For those that need a break from Civ 5. :smiley:
  • The Talos Principle and Road to Gehenna expansion - sci-fi puzzle games that want to mess with your head. A lot. Best of 2014, Best Puzzle Game 2014, Best PC Game of 2014 from PC Gamer, tons of awards from everybody.
  • Darkest Dungeon - an Early Access success story that became one of the best turn-based roguelite dark RPGs. Won or nominated for major awards from SXSW, PAX, IGF, and more, will be remembered as one of the best 2016 games.
  • Renowned Explorers: International Society - turn-based strategy adventure RPG from the developers of Reus (another amazing game!)…talk to Abbey Games, see if you can grab both of their titles!
  • Massive Chalice - Having already negotiated Broken Age onto Chrono (great job!), consider picking up another Double Fine game that plops XCOM-style gameplay into a fantasy world with a unique aesthetic.
  • RAGE and The Scorchers add-on - post-apoc FPS with deep story and 20-45 hour campaign. Even though its a AAA title, this underrated 2011 game frequently discounts to $4.99 making this a viable candidate for Chrono. Won awards all over from IGN, Game Critics, and at E3.
  • Plague, Inc. - casual addictive death simulator. Should be a controlled substance, I can’t shake my addiction to this game! Played 1000s (not 100s, 1000s!) of hours on tablet, phone, on a toilet, in a warzone, while flying, etc.
  • Windward - Pirate adventure sandbox! Buried treasure! Beautiful top-down indie approach with surprisingly busy multiplayer servers available (not required, but fun).
  • Skulls of the Shogun - turn-based strategy award winner that was featured in Steam’s Link/Controller trailer and is fully compatible with either keyboard/mouse or controller. Missed a $2.99 sale last October
  • Kingdom - possibly the only pixel graphics game I’ll recommend (besides FTL!), this strategy survival game has surprisingly good art for being pixel-based, and great music. A solid Early Access hit.

still in Early Access:

  • Block’hood - Early Access city builder simulation. Actually, much smaller focus, more block-sized (hence its name). Very unique with great updates!
  • RWBY: Grimm Eclipse - Early Access anime action hack’n’slash based on the hit series. 4 person co-op, going to be one of my favorite party games with friends in the living room.
  • Turmoil - Early Access simulation management game with an Old West oil prospector theme. Pretty chill for a game based on the oil “rush”.

I also would love to see CrossCode get a daily deal on here.

Steam URL to game: http://store.steampowered.com/app/368340/

Their website: CrossCode

Contact us page: CrossCode


I would love to see Ziggurat, ShellShock Live*, Deadbolt or Reflex* on a daily deal.

(*Early -Access)

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Great suggestions! You should be quite happy fairly soon. :wink:

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