Sudden brain flatulence: Community events

I was just playing Speedrunners and it reminded me that some multiplayer games are really fun. What a mind-blowing realization, right? For whatever reason I thought of the Chrono community, though, and how it’s already friendly and intimate - for the lack of a better word - but it still needs a splash of involvement beyond just boasting about coin streaks. C’mon you, guys, it doesn’t matter when you didn’t start on day one, just give up already!

So I was wondering if people were interested in a multiplayer events every now and then. Pick a list of games and a timetable, put on those headsets and have some fun together, but since I’m rather anti-social I wondered if I would participate at all and secondly, how was this connected to Chrono as a business again? Oh, now I remember: Not at all. So how could you tweak it to make it interesting for everyone? Why not host multiplayer nights for games that have been sold in the daily deal or even coin shop? Now if they don’t break the bank I could see myself throwin’ a few bucks at Chrono and then explore the game with some people from the forum. Maybe some of the staff would pop in every now and then, too. It would only strengthen the relationship with past and future customers and create emotional interest in the brand.

I remember there was this indie battle royale game ages ago… One versus all or whatever. Doesn’t matter. It was dead, but the developer would host a game night every week and that was where the playerbase would come out of the woods. It was laggy, buggy, everythinggy badiggy, but since I was interacting with not only a passionate core community but the developer of the game I felt a connection and came back every week although I never won and I hated the game. Sorry, not sorry.

Anyway, as the title suggests, it’s just a sudden thought I had and I couldn’t find anything in the forum about it. Maybe I just didn’t use obvious search terms for the topic and missed it. What I’m saying is that the idea isn’t fully conceptualized and could use more tweaking for sure, but I wanted to get it out before I forget it.

Thanks for reading.


Well I’m in for whatever this turns out to be. :grinning:


… whispers in a low childish voice ( * I wish that the poop collection game had multiplayer * )


We can set them as a reward If you win!! And as participation prices!! Or just by being part of the comunity!!

           ~ Yaaaaaay ~