Subnautica + Super Meat Boy free on Epic Games new store!

Hey everyone, it’s not available quite yet but starting on the 14th both Subnautica and Super Meat Boy later on will be free on Epic Games new store/ game launcher. So make sure you download the launcher.

Subnautica Free from Dec 14th - Dec 27th
Super Meat boy Free from Dec 28th - Jan 10

If anybody wants to know Epic Games plans to release a new game every two weeks. That’s why there is so much time between the two games. Anyway, keep an eye out for those. Here is a download link for Epic Games launcher if you don’t already have it. I’m not sure why the link contains unreal tournament I can’t find a link without an associated game.

One more thing, the downlod will start right away when you click on the link.


Yes, thank you.
We’ve been discussing the new store and the free games over here already though:


wait wait

so it’s not DRM-free? I need the launcher?


I’m not sure if you need it, but considering they made a launcher that they want people to use, I’d imagine you need the launcher.


Well, thank you then but I’ll pass! :hugs:


personally i’m mostly curious about Epic’s definition of “free”, since i’m getting a tiny whiff off “you got 2 weeks to play -then we take it back”
which if that’s the case it’s sorta useless imo
tho maybe they do actually just keep a 2 week “get it now” grace period to grab as many accounts, but does seem slightly weird, since that’s potentially aaalotta sales lost for those devs then :man_shrugging:


Everything about all of this sounds at least 95% totally whack.

So… maybe we should just not partake? I mean I can’t speak for everyone but I am staying the heck out.


Will definitely get Subnautica and then buy it for Steam once it gets bundled.
Don’t know why that is, but I want to have everything in one place, although I do like that someone is trying to disrupt the monopoly that Steam has!


I have a feeling especially with Subnautica being so new that Epic came to some sort of agreement with the dev to pay them to give the game out for free. Without something interesting to get people to use the store almost no one will use it with Steam’s (and to some extent GOG’s) grip on the market at the moment. Epic I think has made the right choice to join the market now, they have a tonne money and a large install base after the success of Fortnite BR and can use that on a loss leader like getting Subnatica out there for free to capture at least some part of the game sales market and even if it doesn’t succeed it’s not going to hurt them too much


I do suspect that the games are given away for free to keep rather than a 2 week time limit, although as I said already in the other thread it’s not super clear. There’s this kind of odd line in their 2nd post on the topic The Epic Games store is now live

Epic is funding these free releases so you always have something new to come and check out.

Along with their main competition point of being about giving devs a bigger share it seems to me like Epic is paying the devs for each claimed free copy rather than the devs themselves providing free keys. Which in turn would be a good reason for the time limit to claim it, as I doubt Epic wants to keep buying these games for everyone for ever.