Stripe, ZIP Codes, non-US Credit Cards

I’m sure I will have missed out on Broforce by the time you fix this (either because it won’t be fixed before the deal ends, or because I’ll be deep asleep when the deal ends in a few hours), but Stripe won’t accept my non-US credit card.

It seems that Stripe expects a US-format 5-digit ZIP code, whereas my CC’s postal code, if used at all, is literally “1”. No combinations of “10000”, “00001” etc. were good enough for Stripe, so I guess no cookie for me. I’m not sure if me being physically in the US right now has anything to do it, but from quickly googling and ducking around it seems other users have had a similar issue which was typically solved by un-checking the requirement for ZIP verification in whatever control panes Stripe has (I’ve never seen the backend of it so I don’t know).

Mind you that this issue will be moot once you have the PayPal option, which frankly I can’t believe you guys haven’t sorted out before launching the site. :slight_smile: I’m just disappointed about missing out on this deal and not through a fault of mine, is all.


Hey stnm, we’re going to look into it (@zak can help report on the specifics), as we fully intend to allow non US zip codes to purchase the deals.

In the meantime I just sent you a key for Broforce, thanks for checking out Chrono and make sure to check out the new deals in the future (there’s a new game/deal every day, swapping over at 9AM PST/Noon EST/5PM GMT)

Hey stnm, I’m sorry that you were unable to purchase from us. We’re going to look into ways that we can support single-digit postal codes and I’ll be reaching out to Stripe to see what they have to say. One thing that would be helpful to know is what country your card is from.

Tried buying 2 copies of Broforce but unfortunately it said “The zip code you supplied failed validation”. Non US CC.
Strangely I can see the transaction on my CC as “Pre-Auth Transaction-POS Signature Purchase” for 11 USD.
Is this a regular thing?


Hey ONEHGaming, the temporary charges are normal and should be removed shortly. Would you mind letting us know which country your card is from?

We’re waiting to hear back from Stripe on the postal code issues, but in the mean time one thing Stripe recommends is calling your bank to ensure that the postal code you’re entering is the correct one for that card. I’ll keep this thread updated when we get more information.

Thank you for a quick reply.
The CC is from Israel.


Oops, should have mentioned that, it’s an Irish (RoI) CC. Thank you and @EMCL for looking into it!


So does this means it’s impossible to buy from outside the us atm?


Not at all! We accept payments from anywhere Stripe does. We were experiencing a higher level of failure rates on postal codes for a short period of time, but that should be resolved now.