Streak resetted without a reason!

So i just logged in to get my daily coins, and my 18 day streak was ended, even though the transaction page says i logged in exactly one day ago, not two, not three, one day. So i would like to ask for some help, because this is not the first this has happened to me.

1 day ago could still correspond to 8 AM PST which would have fallen into day before yesterday’s cycle. The deal and coin resets at 9 AM PST, 18:00 CEST. Do you know for certain at what time you clicked the coin yesterday?

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It varies for me, but i think yesterday was around 3 pm gmt +2, and today was almost 8 pm, but that doesnt make sense, since ive had times when the streak will continue, even if the thing says its been 2 days since my last click, so.

In that case it makes perfect sense.
You clicked the coin in the early european afternoon then you waited 29h to come visit again. This means the 24h cycle passed and you broke your streak. There’s your reason, right there.

(If you think you’ve gone more than 24h without clicking the coin and not had the streak broken I would have to say you are most likely mistaken, or you’ve found a bug. Because that’s not supposed to happen.)

Edit: Rather the important part is the switchover time. Chrono’s daily deal and also the coin renewal happens at, as I said 9AM PST/18:00 CEST. If you click before then one day and after then the next your streak breaks. If you click early EU morning day 1 and EU afternoon day 2 then you can go more than 24h and still maintain your streak.

The point is you let the streak lapse because you waited until the daily deal refreshed a 2nd time before returning.

Feel free to join this commiseration thread if you so desire

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I’ve no idea what some people do in their lives to be so busy/all over the place they can’t continue their streak if it means something to 'em. Worst case scenario tell someone else to do it :confused: .

I went and did a thing last week as we spoke about the log format, which is slightly relevant here.

As you can see it appears that I never clicked the coin the 10th but yet, as you can see by the 7th day chest collected later, my streak was never broken. My goodness gracious how can this be?

Since I was doing this on purpose and know what happened it’s easy to explain of course. On the 9th I clicked right after the new deal is up just AFTER 1800 as usual, night comes and the 10th rolls around. 1800 on the 10th comes and goes and I opt not to click yet, night comes again and now it’s the 11th and at some point BEFORE 1800 I click the coin again and then once more AFTER 1800 on the 11th. Giving me 2 coins on the 11th and none on the 10th. With my streak intact.

Of course if you just saw this result in your log and hadn’t really kept track on things you might be a little confused, in fact it was even hard for me to remember the correct course of things now and I did it on purpose. This is why we’ve suggested that the log might be well served by a time stamp along with the date.


what @Fraggles said
it’s probably the most likely reason, what’s happening to a lot of people, “timing” is everything
couple of posts for you to possibly read through if you want more, suggest reading down to where the coin log examples are shown from Chrono, which highligts what Fraggles is talking about