Streak Reset?

Today was finally the day I was going to get the 30 day streak and get the final chest, but the counter reset and says my streak is only 2 days? I’m positive i clicked the coin everyday.

Happened to me too, had a streak of 27, reset to 3

Happened to me too, originally around the 8-day mark after coins started. Worried I won’t be able to get Brigador in time now, since it’s at 95% claimed already.

LOL Just got a random streak reset like you guys. What a joke! Nice one

I’ve had it on my 27th day. Somehow it says my longest streak is 9 days? And my streak is stuck at 1???

I’ve contacted support btw.

We’re still trying to reproduce this any errors that would cause a lost streak. If we are able to reproduce one, we’ll make sure people get their streaks back if they were affected.

In the meantime, I’d recommend making sure that a) you’re clicking every day between 9AM Pacific and 9AM Pacific, b) refreshing the page before clicking to make sure nothing is cached in your browser, and c) waiting until the coin has completed spinning and your wallet amount has updated before leaving the page.

Is it kind of like a “Welp, you’re out of luck” if you feel like something went wrong and your streak has been reset through some error?

I understand verifying it would be silly and downright impossible, so I’d understand that kind of policy. Just wondering, cause losing a 25 day streak feels brutal.

I lost my streak because I was in Las Vegas for my birthday, didn’t bring my desktop computer with me, and was unable to successfully cut and paste my password from my password manager website to Chrono on either my iPhone or iPad running two different versions of iOS. I feel personally insulted and rejected. If someone at Chrono wants to try to reproduce this problem I can provide the contact info for the appropriate Airbnb host. I also expect a phone call from the entire staff, singing “Happy Birthday” to me.

Seriously though, no disrespect intended to those who’ve voiced legitimate experiences here. Perhaps this throbbing headache is making me see humor where there isn’t any.

I have also just had my streak reset, at 27 days!
I know full well that I visit the site every day, and yet this is the second time I’ve had a reset.
Damn irritating.

Happened to me today as well, should have been around 12 or 13 days. Now I’m back at 2. I often use different devices to log into chrono, might that be a potential cause for the error?
Anyways, love your site. Although I have not yet bought all that many games I have checked pretty much daily for quite a while.


Hey all, we’re still investigating this, but so far we’ve yet to be able to replicate any losing a streak incorrectly. I’ll be making a larger update post about missing streaks soon that will have some suggestions and our plans going forward.

Edit: We’ve added a FAQ that includes some suggestions regarding streak resets. Please check it out!

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I just had something weird happen to me. I opened the site about 2 minutes after the new deal is supposed to be posted and I was greeted with the old deal for “Bear with Me” saying that “it ends 2 minutes ago”, but at the same time the coin icon was clickable. Screenshot.

I got my coins yesterday and didn’t click it now. Then I did a cache-bypassing refresh with Ctrl+F5, the new deal showed up and then I clicked the icon to get my coins for the day. Was this some sort of caching/timing issue and could it be related to the streak loss? My line of thinking is, if this happened to other people who didn’t pay attention, clicked the coin, possibly got some coins and thought they completed the day, but the system then didn’t count the day as “clicked”, because the old offer was still up and consequenty their streak would be legitimately broken (as far as the system is concerned).

Great catch, and ya, that’s definitely a little confusing, but it shouldn’t cause any issues. This stems from the fact that even though the coin reset time coincides with the daily deal, the UI for each isn’t necessarily tied together. So when you see the coin reset exactly at 9AM Pacific it’s for the new sale, despite what the page shows the sale as.

This is an unfortunate side effect of how our daily deploys work, but we’ll be fixing it soon with a major refactor.


My streak just reset itself when I clicked on todays coin, it now says 1 day when it should say 144 days. Does having a streak mean anything? Does it really matter that it’s gone. I still have all my coins just the streak that’s gone. I was kinda proud of my streak :frowning:

Please stop spamming this in every related thread.
If you instead READ the threads you’ve dug up you’d have your answer already, thank you.

@NME1 suggest reading this, and scroll down to where coin log examples are shown by chrono so you get an idea of how easy it is to miss
and a streak only “counts” in the sense that you get reward by X amount of days, 3-7-14-30, all that happens when a “long” streak resets is you start back at step 1 beginning rewards, so if you lost a streak at day 61 it’s not as bad as losing a day 59 streak