Streak broken yesterday

My streak was broken yesterday because my internet was out for the entire day. That streak was the very same streak that has been ongoing since the coins were introduced.

Tis a sad day.


I feel you, brother. Lost my streak for the same reason.


You should show some emphaty

so you saying they shouldn’t be angry their connection went out causing them to lose streak? wouldn’t you?
i’d probably rip my power company/ISP a new one if they were responsible for me losing mine
got 2 months free internet when my ISP messed up my connection while i was raiding in WoW, i did not let up i’ll tell you that, boy was i madz :triumph:

Couldn’t you have collected the coins on your cellphone? (assuming you have a smart phone of course)

If his is like mine, where the login to the website doesn’t work, then probably not. ~cries in crappy windows phone~


I have as crappy a windows phone as I could find and I had no problems logging in just now.

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