Strange Steam Tags

I often see things on the Steam store that pop up with silly/strange tags.

So I am, doing my usual thing, browsing my Steam discover queue or whatever it’s called, and this popped up:

I mean, seriously, I am sure there’s lots of gratuitous nudity and sexual content in this game… How on earth do these kinds of tags get applied to games like this?

I also don’t understand why I am seeing a lot of sexual content and nudity tagged games in my Steam queue… :thinking: Just weird…


cuz anyone can apply any tag they want to games on steam, and that’s just how the internet works, rofl


But say this game is not out yet, coming out tomorrow… who in their right mind would apply these tags?


There’s nudity in the screenshots, and the game has sexual themes (though I don’t know about outright sexual content), so the tags aren’t that weird…? I’d not even be surprised if they were added by the publisher.


ppl apply nudity and horror tags to the cs go sticker box every single tournament, rofl


I guess they probably add the tags to avoid anyone blasting them for not having it after release? I still find it odd… the definition of nudity seems to be evolving quicker than I can get used to…


pre release tags are “usually” the publisher/dev, like @eishiya mentioned, sorta like how the old description mentions were before the user “input”
but also, internet is internet, so with steam’s bs of letting so many things be up to users, there is nothing to be surprised at when finding some odd or downright bizarre user tags
i think it was @Fraggles that briefly touched on the subject of; that people also often really have no clue what correct/proper “labels” apply to some games these days
and remember; everything is “Dark Souls” anyway, somehow :thinking::face_with_head_bandage:, -so having a “bare” pixel, “someplace”, probably “rightfully” constitutes “nudity”/“sexual content” then too these days :man_shrugging: :man_facepalming:


k, then i guess it’s cuz it sells…


Yeah… the world is just strange I guess… So is life…

That’s why when I reviewed a couple of games that got so many people calling them Souls-like that I just started by saying that I am not going to be comparing it to any other game… This constant comparison needs to go away. Games should stand and live by their own merits.

Very true… for some reason these tags probably will help with sales.


While it may not explicity have sex in the game, that does qualify as sexual content. The “sexual content” and “nudity” tags often serve more of a flag rather than a tag because there are a lot of people who wish to avoid it.

PS: I’m not criticizing anyone, i have adult games.


That was my impression too. But, this game is also has the sort of nudity and sexual content I’d want to pop up when I search for games tagged with nudity/sexual content and pixel art, so they’re good as tags too :smiley: I like tiny pixel tiddy.

(So, OP, thanks for the accidental game rec!)


it’s sadly one of the most overused misnomers to ascribe “difficulty” now, -when often not only is not apt in the DS regard, but also takes away from both Dark Souls as “a whole”, and the game in question/reviewed its compared to
“Crash Bandicoot/x is Dark Souls” … etc and alike
-no, no just go fck right off, detracts from both Crash/X and Dark Souls simultaneously, etc…


My original comment stems from the fact that there are a lot of much more realistically nudes in some games and not get tagged, but others with heavily pixelated bouncy body parts get the tags… But it makes sense that the tags come directly from the developers…

Yay! Glad I was able to help in any way! :slight_smile:

:+1: I mean, if Dark Souls came before Super Mario Brothers, is that going to be described as Dark Souls, except for 2D? Yeah, I died thousands upon thousands of times in SMB… It’s just absurd these days… But it gets applied to so many games.


Tagging that comes from a variety of sources is inevitably going to be inconsistent. If you come across a game with nudity, etc that isn’t tagged, you should add the tag yourself.
Some publishers don’t bother using Steam tags at all (don’t care, don’t notice the option, don’t actually know squat about the game, etc), and user-added tags depend on, well, users adding them.


stops midway through adding ‘nudity’ tag to The Deer

Ha ha yes

how indeed.

I wonder.

In fact,

I lie awake at night thinking about it.

Oh, the horror.


Oh my god! That deer is only wearing a hat, what an absolute slut! And this is marketed to kids even, what is this world coming to? I’ve never been more offended or arou… no, never mind!
grrr moral outrage



I mean… yes! Yes, I agree! What we need is to unite the people against this kind of attack to our morals! We shall not stand for this! OUR CHILDREN SHALL BE PROPERLY EDUCATED.

And I totally did not recommend this unacceptable game to @harith’s innocent children just the other day. No sir I did not, for I do not abide for this.