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Still Searching #2 - Round #8



Must be something wrong with the rules.

Gotta get to the bottom of it.
Find the crack.
Maybe somn’ solid comes out.


Yeah, I should’ve ask if it’s common to have it for lunch, I realized that too late haha

Well… we gave you some suggestions already, but you didn’t like any, so I don’t know, you will see…


I don’t think following any of those suggestions would help turn the MW into feces.
…even though they were of similar quality.


that’s definitely the next MW though, and I’m going to be the one to guess it!

can’t wait! I got this for sure!


Ok mastermind, we are waiting for your magnificent solution.


if only, I wish they had all been shit; i would’ve won every single time


A non-living, man-made item that can be found in the house/kitchen that is not used as furniture. It can be eaten for lunch, and is not fruit. It is not involving bread. So that eliminates food items like burgers, sandwiches. It is also not usually part of a food item, since it’s not used to make something else. Things I can think of include cookie or taco. Probably not pizza, since the crust I would say involves a type of bread. Things like ice cream, ice, and a lot of veggie items are used to make other things. Even a cookie I could put two together with ice cream and make some kind of a sandwich. Not sure how far I am getting here, but in my mind, I got only one potential answer. So I am going to take what I consider a relative stab in the light…

Guess: is it a taco?


Well, al least lets try guess

@Pylinaer G: Is Soup?



Q: Does it require any preparation or treatment before being able to be consumed?


:x: incorrect

:x: Incorrect

Yes, no, and maybe.
If you make it yourself, yes.
If you buy it pre-made from the store, no.
Also if you make it yourself or buy a precursor of the thing from a store, you can eat that precursor though it generally isn’t recommended to eat large quantities. However the precursor can also be made in such a way that you do not need further preparation to safely eat the precursor of the mystery word.


Guess : Sushi


:x: unfortunately, incorrect.


@Pylinaer Probably wrong, but here goes nothing.

Guess: Cookie

You can buy a cookie (or bag/box of them) and also prepare/bake them at home. Like many other things, you can have them as a snack during lunch.

Some people like to eat cookie dough as-is, but you’re not supposed to do that due to the risk of salmonella. There are ways to make cookie dough that’s safe to eat and also available for purchase, such as Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough Chunks.


And we have a winner!

The mystery word is Cookie!

Encryption Method:
Pass 1 - Cast-256, CBC (cipher block chaining)
Word: Cookie
Key: 14641616745 (thanks discobot!)
output: sgtWTEoiHlCVaVFdSjiali0TjOYCj7JH/NP786Fpe5o=

Pass 2 using above output - Serpent, ECB (electronic codebook)
Key: 8177 (thanks discobot!)
output: fGX5jUhGqNdm23OfNjuDasSl1OEn+vLjs2jwsRw3CWujLLYmhZSxNZ96iZFDHvEOI7Hf5EtmsclC340PKAbRqQ==


This is why I went with taco instead of cookie.

I think I psyched myself out there.


You’re thinking of one of these:

I think it comes down to how to interpret the question “Does it make something else?”. I had thought about these Big Boppers when considering how to reply to it. I think I chose to go with no because I thought it was the best representation based on how I interpreted the question and would potentially be less confusing. A “not usually” probably could have been a better answer with a little bit more explanation.

(Now I want one of thems…)


I didn’t expect to win a round so soon. Looks like I’ll be thrown into the ring again. :men_wrestling:

I honestly forgot about cookie sandwiches (the soft chewy ones with marshmallow filling stuffed between them) and ice cream sandwiches when I made my guess. The only thing that came to mind that might have seemed like a sandwich at the time was a cookies and cream loaf cake.

@Pylinaer Thanks for hosting this round! It was a pretty fun run.

Fun fact: Before the question that brought the hint of the MW being food that was prepared from scratch by using several ingredients, my original guess was going to be steak. Why steak? Because of the “It usually doesn’t involve bread” line; a steak sandwich is weird enough as it is. At least to me.

I already have another word picked for the next round, but I’ll wait until tomorrow to start.


I worded my response that way because sometimes a slice of bread is used to keep homemade cookies fresh.


@Luxen you’re killing it here:D Take your time, I’m sure the players will be happy to wait:)

@Pylinaer I like how the precursor part of your answer turned the round around. Eating dough - absolutely disgusting, uncommon, yet - pop culturally - instantly familiar. Please come in with your game selections:)

PS I don’t think the bread should throw anyone off. Stale bread is commonly recycled for anything that would normally be prepped with flour.

Regarding the “Does it make something else?” question: I think it’s about the difference between make and make up.
I don’t think one would normally say that cookies make a cookie sandwich. They do make up one though (together with a filling).


After packing my bags and heading home, it was finally time to bulk up some serious mass in preparation of the next big bodybuilding show. It wasn’t a simple cheat day, but the start of off-season bodybuilding. After countless glistening pectoral blessings from Discobot and its legion of bodybuilders, an invitation was sent to me and I just couldn’t turn the challenge down.

Nobody knows what awaits in this round, but hey, maybe it could be your lucky day this time~ If you play your cards right and help each other out, I’m sure one of you will pull through sooner or later like in my past games.

MW: 1I+kZuC6opkDTiyjE/AdY6+awPxNjA==


  • All guesses (G) and questions (Q) must be marked/submitted as in the example below:

G: Trumpet
Q: Is it food?

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The rest of the rules remain the same as stated in the OP.