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Still Searching #2 - Round #8





I just want to say I thought the previous answer was some kind of quicksand. :wink:

Q: Can I eat it?


Did you mean “may” ? : )


Hmm. Good point. But perhaps “Should I eat it?” I can eat nails but that’s not a good idea.


@Pylinaer Off to work soon so won’t be able to take part so adding to the Q pool.
Question: Does it make something else?





Q: Can I have it for lunch?






Roll up thus far:

  • not alive

  • man made

  • can be found in a house

  • not used as furniture

  • can be eaten

  • does not make something else

  • can be had for lunch

  • not excrement


Q: Does it usually involve bread?


No, it usually does not.


Q: Is it some kind of fruit?



Adding to the pot
Football Manager 2020 and Football Manager 2020 Touch cannot be ordered separately (one key activates both games)


This is why we need more than 1 question for each person. There’s not enough people participating.


Actually, since these take several days, I literally forget if I guessed or already asked a question.


The only guess was excrement


A good practice when it comes to asking questions (in game and in life in general) is to ask yourself first.

For example:

Q: Can I eat it?
A: Yes

Q: Can I have it for lunch?

Of course I can, I can eat anything I want, anytime I want to.

Q: is it man-made?
A: Yes

Q: Is it some kind of fruit?

Of course it’s not, fruits aren’t man made.

I just got myself two extra questions. Yay me.


how did the game not end right there?