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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



Some say they have.


Guess: Is it a ghost?




Therefore, you won this game! Congratulations! I will reveal how I encrypted it later since I’m not at home but at my parents. (Wrote it down on a piece of paper…)

@SeekerSupreme we are done here :wink:


Not that it matters much but Ghost has all unique letters. Unique, ironically, does not as there are two “u”.


I’m sorry I have never heard of unique letters. I thought it might be sth like GB or U.S.A. ? What does unique letters implicate? 0w0 now that I heard it, I wanna learn Masteeeeer~ Nyaa~


Each letter in the word is used only once. If it is used again, it is not unique.

For the above statement:

Each in the word is used only once If it not

all have unique letters

letter again unique

Do not

It’s late here. if I’m not making sense, I’ll try again tomorrow when all cylinders are firing.


Gaaaaah. Fraggles jumped in and solved the mystery. Congrats.


Oh, it does make sense! Thanks a lot :smiley: Since EN is not my main language I’m always glad about learning new stuff^^ So, your help is really appreciated.


It was spirit or ghost, i just guessed the wrong one. Well done @Fraggles.
The only reason I went with spirit over ghosts is because you could kind of say that word is related to science more (as in alcohol) and more related to religion. I am a tiny bit confused how ghosts are related to science, other than people debunking it, but hey that’s fair I guess.


Yeah I almost chose not to guess it because you tried spirit before. I suppose the rules states you have to find the exact word but in some cases I feel like synonyms should count.


Congratulations @Fraggles! I was leaning more towards a phantom, but as soon as I saw your guess, I though yeah, a ghost’s more likely^^ You can start the next round as the GM whenever you’re ready:)

@StarsJumper, good job conducting the maiden round! You’ve literally got people chasing after ghosts:D
Please add the encryption method when you get a chance. I want your outro announcement to serve as a good example for other GMs (the way your intro announcement does). Check your mailbox for the keys:)

Regarding synonyms counting in some cases: I've considered it for a bit, but came to a conclusion that this would inevitably cause problems and complexity growing exponentially with every next Q/A.

The GM already has to consider all possible alternative meanings of his MW, when he’s addressing questions.
Now imagine he would also have to judge whether or not a player is guessing with the right meaning of the synonymous word in his mind. Or whether to accept a synonym which envelops the MW, and a whole lot of other things. And these are not hypotheticals; we’ve already seen those examples in the games so far.

Soon enough this would lead to all kinds of player unrest, and I don’t want any riots or looting in this thread;)

I've removed the whole "There should be at least five things visible in every photo (there’s no upper limit)." rule.


Very well then, lets start.

Round 2!

The word is: sFKnetqBCF3ep6Em3J2j6es1z3Beqw+lZb9BPvaFjZU=

Yes or no questions only and I’m going to really try to stick to yes or no answers. Please try to think your questions through so that you can get as much value out of them as you can since you only get the one.

Good luck.


QUESTION: Is it naturally occurring? :wink:




guess: stool


(a new level of “shit” posting has been reached)


Well that’s a shitty guess:D


That is not the word.


is it something you can touch?




About round #1: Didn’t see that MW coming, haha. Congrats!

@Fraggles Is it something you can eat?