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Still Searching #1 - Round #7



Agree and though I wouldn’t locusts are edible and winged. O_o… yuck though


What kind of pea-sized edible bird is this? Moving to bugs was a good idea though guys.



Guess: Beetle


Guess: Bee


:x: I am afraid you are both incorrect.

@SeekerSupreme So I’m fairly confident that this isn’t going to end well. We just don’t really have enough people playing that 1 question each is likely to be sufficient. The game is often called 20 questions, if you manage to ask pretty good questions it’s often possible to get something within 20. We’ve had 13(I think) which managed to narrow it down to a small animal with wings at which point everyone prematurely ejaculated all their guesses on which ever thing came first to mind. There’s a fairly substantial number of small animals with wings in the world.

So at this point I’d like to ask how you figure we’ll proceed with this.
I would suggest resetting the question and guess count and allow everyone one more round. As pretty much everyone who have shown an interest to participate has done so it doesn’t seem a reset would be unfair to anyone.


Lol. But if I snooze I lose!

Resetting the Qs and As for everyone sounds reasonable so we can keep pushing for the answer together.


Well since no one is guessing.
Guess: Grasshopper


Where have you been? Everyone’s been guessing front right and center.

:x: You are also, unfortunately incorrect.


probably on the order of millions to be frank. You’ve got insects (they are under the Animalia Kingdom and there are millions of different species) and small birds like a finch or swallow. Probably the next best question is to determine what type of animal it is.


But remember is not an exotic animal, so there’s not too many options actually. Maybe with 2 or 3 questions more we would guess it.


Q: is it commonly found in the city?




So… resetting the counters was my initial idea for a fail-safe, until now.

On one hand, this would just enable the blind fire, and I don’t want that.

On the other, with the last of the definitive answers, I’ve narrowed the possible set of MW’s down to 0. Although this might be just me missing something, so don’t let is sway your judgment.

Let’s have it run for a few more days. If it becomes stale, it’ll end in a fail state, with reveal and review. Then I’ll decide what to do next.


Another option would be to simply allow everyone 2 questions from the start, or maybe even one question a day but still limit to a single guess. The point being to keep the game going until it can complete, no one is interested in a fail state.

This particular round might need special intervention one way or another as everyone decided to guess wildly once that was the only thing left to do with a dried up question pool.


I second this.
Why not just give everyone a second question and guess for this round and then for the next one we could figure out something (maybe one of Fraggles ideas or something else) to avoid fail state?

Adding to the pot


Thirded! It could even be made a standing rule that after a period of, say, 1 day of inactivity, everyone gets another Q and G.

All this talk of insect-munching is giving me Fear Factor flashbacks.


It reminds me of poor Tonto in that underground box in CSI. T_T I don’t like anything that swarms (sorry bees, respect, but I don’t like you).


Question: Is it an insect? @Fraggles


Thank you, someone finally asked this :raised_hands::clap::tada::confetti_ball: