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Everything that has live, organisms. An organ is just part of that organism, it can’t do anything by itself.


The organs are what make and keep you alive. But let’s ignore that for a second (I’m trying to understand your rationale here), you agree that living cells are alive? (Yes, I saw your heart -> cell -> heart and waited so that you can either finalize an answer or delete them all and answer another time later.) If cells are alive, the sum product of those live cells is also alive? Fair assumption? If there’s anything I’ve done wrongly or could have done better, feel free to point them out. That’s how we can all better ourselves.


I consider organs to be alive, especially living tissue, as they can be transplanted from one person to the next (save brain), but you can do heart, liver, lung, kidney, skin, bone, marrow, gut, vessels, etc. transplants from donor to recipient, and the tissue is kept alive during the process.

Not to mention that the organ is part of the organism and while the organism is alive, the organ is definitely considered living.

@dast I finally won a round! Thanks for hosting!


Oh you read it fast haha :sweat_smile: Yes, some cells are alive but not all.(And I researched it just to be sure) In order to be alive it has to be able to reproduce. Blood cells can’t do that.

Also now to be sure I researched that specific question : “Are organs alive?” And for what I can find the answer is no.


I think in order for something to be classified as a living organism, it needs to be able to reproduce.

I think the definition of being alive can be a little bit more broad than that, anyway.

I have to rethink my train of thought above actually.

I just thought of a mule, which cannot reproduce.


Biology has the final word on this, I’d say


If everything that is part of an organism it’s alive then hands, feet, ears, eyes… is it all of that alive? I don’t think so :sweat_smile:


Actually, I absolutely think they are alive, they are living parts of your overall body.


I’d say this says it all:


It is useless that each says what they think about this. Biology is the study of living organisms, so just go with what biology says. Biology says everything made of cells is living. Simple.

If we went with our own opinion, for sure almost everyone here would consider viruses to be alive, me included.


And that’s why I was looking on biology forums and even there, there is a debate. But most people would say that organs are not alive :sweat_smile:


in that case, GM should have the final word on that since it’s their word, and if there is indeed a difference of opinion within biology, then GM is entitled to follow the opinion they desire

@SeekerSupreme will have the final word on that principle, I imagine

in any case, congrats to @YQMaoski :joy:


Yeah, I wasn’t trying to invalidate the round. Just giving my opinion.


Okay, I don’t want to make a mountain out of a molehill but allow me to clarify the questions thus far so we can truly close this and play the next round.

Most cells undergo cell division and multiply, that’s how they reproduce, making copies of themselves. Even cells that don’t, still have to be reproduced/developed/differentiated from something such as stem cells. Basically, they all have a life cycle. Grow, mature and die off. In fact, brain diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s are the result of unnatural deaths of neurons aka brain cells. It all comes down to this: something has to be alive in order to die. And if your brainstem is dead, you can’t even breathe. You have to rely on a ventilator and intensive life support system, else cessation of heartbeat will also follow within few days. Living, working organs are what make you alive and keep you alive.

Now, onwards to next round! The floor is yours, YQMaoski. :slight_smile:


All right, I hereby announce the opening of Round #9:

I don’t have any major themes to run off, I just finished a really busy work week and I feel completely pooped. Looking at the mountains of paperwork that I completed and the even more to go, with constantly more piling up, it’s just endless.

To the participants, please follow the rules set above by @SeekerSupreme, and know that you should tag @ me whenever you post a photo, question, or guess.

Photos should not have something that is theoretically included in the photo, please avoid an all encompassing photo that I have play Where’s Waldo on before giving an answer, possibly incorrect as well.

You are allowed 1 photo or 1 question. You are allowed one guess.

Questions should be Yes/No answers only.

I will do my best to get back to you ASAP.

Here’s the Encrypted MW, let round #9 begin!

The MW Encrypted: rOmFTojbJZHxn1tejvNqTw==

Let the betting begin! Who shall take it away?




Bet : 7

No. Name Question Answer Bet Guess
TBD Donluis524 8
TBD FacuBlues 7

Raffle No. will appear in order of questions/photos, to qualify, you will need to post one of such. See above for original rules. That’s why the TBD designation at this time, just in case anyone’s wondering.

@dast, your table design worked really well, so I am pilfering from your ideas, shamelessly at that too. :stuck_out_tongue:


Mao: Imma steal it.
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Q: Is it an animal?


Bet: 6

No. Name Question Answer Bet Guess
1 Danacscott Is it an animal? No
TBD Donluis524 8
TBD FacuBlues 7
TBD Fraggles 6

@Danacscott, no bet?