SteamWorld Dig - Free on Origin!

unsure how long this one is up for, sometimes it only last a couple of days, other times it lasts months, better be quick to be sure


SteamWorld Dig… :heart_eyes:
FREE… :tada:

on Origin… :rage:


hehe i know :smile_cat:
origin is a bit “cancer” to some people/gamers, so i was unsure if i should even list it here
but origin freebies have been listed before,
and it’s a good game, so thought people that really wanted it might be able to get over the whole origin thingy :joy_cat:
it’s still a free game, (just forever attached to a different launcher)


That title is a rollercoaster of emotions :wink:

Of course you’ve done good by listing the offer, it’s a great game and I’m sure some of us will appreciate this freebie.


Oh, sweet!
I already owned the game on steam, but it never hurts to get it for free on origin too
As much as it’s hip to hate Origin, it’s become a functional program in recent years, and they’re constantly giving out free games like this

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yup, personally i never minded origin (other than their connectivity issues some times/certain games), my main gripe was their local pricing and how/why they did origin attitude -(note how uplay has no issues going through steam still today, for now)
i never really had an issue with multiple launchers in themselves, a bit inconvenient maybe, sure. But otherwise it’s just a different place to click my game (if i don’t already own them on steam lol)
and the rando few freebies throughout the year is more than welcome to me, extra games to own (that i will likely not get to play anyway :joy_cat:)