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Steam Winter sale cards trading


For all of those that care about maximizing there The Steam Awards - 2019 Badge level here is a place for you to trade your cards for cards you need.

For those that don’t, ill take them if you dont want them.


1 Outstanding Visual Style
2 Better with Friends
VR Game of the Year x3
VR Game of the Year (Foil)
Outstanding Visual Style (Foil Trading Card)


I usually hold onto mine until I can craft whatever I can and then dish out the rest as donations, so pardon for holding onto what I have until the end of the sale, crafting whatever I can along the way, etc. etc… Since we can get new cards everyday, trading now means likely at some point or other needing to trade back…


I do the same…I got stuck one year because I traded too soon…


I usually sell duplicates


I have completely the opposite.
VR Game of the Year
Outstanding Visual Style

Can you add me on steam or just offer a trade?

Actually I have steam app - confirmations. So the trade should be smooth if you are still interested in that trading card.

Done. Traded.


I have:
2 Labor of Love
1 Outstanding Visual Style

I need:

  1. Game of the Year
  2. Most Innovative Gameplay

My Steam ID is joxtersurfer


H: 1) Labor of Love
2) Outstanding Visual style
W: 1x Better With Friends
2x Most innovative Gameplay

Anyone that can help me out?
My steam profile link is on my profile here


Why not use ? it works for normal card sets and for the special holiday ones like The Steam Awards - 2019.


true! I usually go trade elsewhere but since i see it on Chrono and the people here are mostly AWeSoMe I thought it’d be best to do with them. :sweat_smile:
I’l just use the trading place for these cards on the steam forum made for it when no1 here reacts


image anyone need any of these cards


I’ve managed to craft the badge a good number of times but I keep getting the same damn background over and over. So if anyone want to trade those I’d be happy to, I have:
2x Best Game You Suck At (Profile Background)

4x Most Innovative Gameplay (Profile Background)

I also have 2 :2019smile: emoticons, so I’ll appreciate any offers for that one .


Off topic but does anyone know what happens to your festival tokens? do i keep them for the next sale or do i lose them (I cant find the info anywhere sorry if im blind)


Well , i DONT KNOW, but one could ASSUME that you lose them :slight_smile: Steam is not that generous.