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Steam wallet gone (resolved)


My steam wallet funds went away without warning This might be a server issue due to the fact my time played on the game i was playing was wrong. I do want to know if anyone else is having this issue


someone spilled coffee in the steam store server
(weekly maintenance)


Judging by a post I read elsewhere here, this may just be maintenance problems. Typically this just disconnects chat and friend statuses, but it’s possible that maintenance will be more obnoxious than before with the coming updates to Steam.

It shouldn’t last more than half an hour at the absolute most from my experience. If you’re still having issues after a Steam restart in about an hour, it may be time to reach out to Support.


Thank you to both of you


steam always has weekly maintenance on Tuesdays at 16.00 pacific time
it’s been known that various issues has occurred during that process and slightly in the aftermath, all which usually gets resolved pretty “quick” after

^super helpful site to keep keep track of Steam connectivity stuff, like if steam is down, partially down, or “just for you”