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Steam Sound Track Sale


This is amazing and exactly what I was hoping for when they announced that new music system freeing soundtracks from being DLC tied to their respective games. Now they just have to add a preview feature so you can stream a bit of the soundtrack to see what it’s like before buying and not having to go to outside sources for it.

Here’s a few I’m now finally picking up for myself and would rather recommend to most.

Maybe gremlins inc., it is mostly ambiance and soundscape stuff but it does have a handfull of really good swinging tunes to it.

This one could be good too, the tf2 sound track has a lovely style to it.

Anyone have any suggestions on great sound tracks on sale that I should take a look at?


I am seriously considering getting this:

I just did. :smiley:


Thou art a smart cookie. ^^


Unfortunately that one seems to not be in stand alone mode and requires owning the game.


Eh? Waaaaa…

I hope they fix it. I will post a message to the discussion forums…

just posted it here:


I have never bothered looking at the music I have in Steam, and after looking at it, is there any wonder?! Sheesh!


Yeah that’s the old system that they have changed now, though some soundtracks are still stuck like that. You can still download those soundtracks as DLC with their games and access the music files with any other media player you wish to use though.

This new system puts the soundtracks as stand alone titles in your library instead. Once downloaded you can play it in steam’s own music player if you want, or just go ahead and load them up in any better options you prefer.


Sigh…I was looking at the complete music from all the Steam folders on my drives. Heh. I had seen that option but it never clicked with me. I have 21 soundtracks that list normally. Not that I’ll ever listen to them, but nice to know I can if I want. Cheers, Fraggles


@Fraggles Vanguard Princess soundtracks. Herm. If I can run it, I should really bump gameplay higher up in the queue.


I don’t want to blow through too much of budget on OSTs, this one is pretty great.

I am actually listening right now on YT:

I never finished the game, makes me want to go and revisit it soon. :smiley:


Just a little over 4h left on this sale so after much arguing with myself back and forth, checking my savings and trying my best to get it in under 20€ I finally got myself these OSTs and now I’ve spent more money on music than games this year.