Steam Sale Steam Card Drops

yo, every big sale it’s the same, i get steam cards that keep stacking (i have 3 stacks of 4 cards now, and 1 of 3), and i have 2-3 cards that i can’t seem to get a single time, so i cant make badges unless i buy those; is that on purpose to force u to trade/buy cards? do u experience the same?



i keep telling you people about this :wink:
also, join the steam trading cards group

and go visit the 1:1 event sale bots that gets posted there in the discussions

also these (tho might not be fully updated anymore) 1:1 Auto-Accepting Steam Card Traders List (both ASF and regular bots)

STM also has a group, and in the discussion gets posted a list of steam event sale bots too from time to time

overall, you can just search for 1:1 trade bots during steam sale events/cards, there are tonnes, no need to buy/pay if you have dupes, and no need to get taken advantage of by greedy 2:1 traders :wink: