Steam "Not-A-Metroidvania" Bundle

I have to stop myself…

I haven’t been so tempted by a Steam storefront bundle in a while, but this is too tempting…


I already have Guacamelee.

I played a little bit of Dead Cells, thanks to @coralinecastell, but I still don’t have the game.

Salt and Sanctuary looks so good, so does Sundered…

Anyone thinks otherwise? I also have to allocate funds for the Humble Daedalic bundle too…

What should I do?

(Of course that price in the screengrab reflects me paying for the 3 that I don’t have)…

Sale ends Friday 10 AM PST, so that means I have about 44 hours to think about it still…


Too rich for my blood. And I figure give them a year…and they will be in a bundle…if not before…


You know me… I am a complete bundle addict…


Where I to be in your position… neither, I already talked about Shadow Tactics.

About this bundle, right know there are only three Metroidvania games that I really want:

But even with these, as @delenn13 said, give them some time, and they are bound to be discounted or bundled together.

However, we all have our priorities, so this is entirely up to you.


I bought all of those games except Dead Cells separately last sale for 18.57€, the biggest difference there coming from Guacamelee which was at a 90% discount.

With that being the case though I get offered this ‘bundle’ with dead cells alone for 10,71€ which I must say is rather tempting.

I played Salt & Sanctuary through already and I enjoyed it. Describing things as “soulslike” is pretty pointless these days, but now having actually played Darksouls 3 as well I think it is reasonable to say that this is about as dark soulsy as a 2d platformer can be.


Exact same situation as you about Guaca and Dead Cells. Sincerely, since you can play Dead off of my account any time (TIP: I’m having finals so bask in my 450+ games any time) and those other too seem, like @delenn13 already said, to be the kind of games that’ll either get bundled or get a bigger discount…

I’d say in the very least wait for the summer sale so the discounts stack up.


For the ones you don’t have it honestly matters what you like.

Dead Cells is Early Access so I would personally wait.
Salt and Sanctuary is literally 2D Dark Souls.
Sundered randomizes the rooms every time you die which I personally don’t like in Metrovanias and tends to clutter the screen a little too much with effects that you end up missing some attacks being fired at you.

Also the prices on their lowest goes as follows:
Guacamelee - 1.49
Salt and Sanctuary - 7.19
Dead Cells - 10.19
Sundered - 9.99

(All of the games in the Steam bundle are above their lowest prices.)


You guys have convinced me… I am going to wait, and I will just leech off Coraline a bit longer… lol… Wait for bundles… That’s what I will do, or a better sale…


Steam Summer Sale starts in about 2 (ish) weeks anyway :smiley:


So yeah, maybe this was a last push at getting suckers like me to hit buy before the discount gets bigger… :rofl:


Good idea. I’ve seen S&S on sale for ~$7 and Dead Cells typically goes on sale for ~13 and Sundered $10. So really you wouldn’t be saving much.

I don’t understand, how are you able to play Dead Cells through CC?


The family sharing program. It’s a bit of a bothersome project to set up remotely though, unless you’re fine with just giving out your steam passwords to each other.


Yup, that’s what we did… lol… That’s why I had a comment on my wall, looks like I wrote it, tooting about what an awesome guy I am … :rofl:


We know no one in their right mind would leave that :laughing:


Lol… I kept it, it’s still there… that was a typo…

had have…

:rofl: It just rolled off the front page because of other comments…


“I am a great dude, and super fun too. :goldenstarfish:”




I had to keep it. :slight_smile:

Coraline commented on it right away, of course… after we switched back to our proper accounts…

Definitely her trademark, that blue butterfly… :slight_smile:


From the bottom of my heart: Dead Cells is basically the only EA game that I have personally purchased that I can say with 100% confidence that it being Early Access doesn’t matter at all. I can’t stress this enough. It’s a fantastic game. If you’re into the genre, just get it when it fits in your pocket.

That’s why I advised Maoski to switch his password BEFORE and AFTER giving it to me, so we gave each other silly transitory passwords. Mine was something like “YQMaoskiisacooldude” or something.

I don’t find it bothersome to set up at all. Mildly annoying because of the Steam Guard thing, though, but he and I coordinated it pretty well. (:

Hm… sorry to have to break it down to you but, as a psychology student, I advise you to get checked.

You wrote that message, man.

Are you feeling ok?


I do it because that way it’s easier to spot my own comments.

also lame butterfly effect pun


You can be my therapist once you graduate, I would trust you. :smile::wink:



I can be your therapist too! Just watch…

Hmmmm… and how does that make you feel?