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Steam Lunar New Year sale


I’m sure everyone’s delighted to hear there’s more tokens to be collected and this time it looks like we might not even get enough freebies to unlock a single icon.

Oh, yeah and I suppose there’s a sale on too.

Gotta say I do like the way they’ve set up the sales page now. A section of games from your wish list, saves you from going looking through it manually.


Seems similar to the Winter Sale, with the token system. In my opinion it seems pretty uninteresting, but the art for this sale is really, really nice.


Dude, Hellblade’s price though. Probably gonna get it lol.
Also it looks like they’re telling the story on how the Chinese Zodiac came into place. Although you can search it up online and get the outcome there right away (spoiler the rat wins)


The fact that you have to either fill the wallet with external funds or buy using non-wallet money to earn tokens is stupid…

If the token getting rate is as the first day, I imagine a lot of people will not be getting enough tokens for much of anything.


But those emoticons though.


So… all things aside: I’m not even sure what’s the end date of getting tokens at all. Is it 1st of February when is the last day you can use your tokens or is at Monday - Jan 27-th which is the last day of the sale discounts?

Wouldn’t make much of a sense to purchase stuff after the discounts are over… but just want to make sure for this technicality.


My interpretation of the somewhat lackluster information available is that you will get 4 envelopes worth of tokens, last one being on the 26th. The sale will last until the 27th while the tokens and the store for token cosmetics will remain available until Feb 1st.


I’m going to guess we will get 100, 200, 300, then 400 tokens per day. Otherwise that’s just a giant middle finger from a historically unimpressive steam sale


100, 100… ;]



I won’t be probably getting anything.