Steam Link on (Regional)Sale

I am guessing it’s regional because it doesn’t show me a price on Steam.

Steam Link

I was thinking about but, I guess, not now.:weary:


Somebody mentioned this pricing issue recently… @Gnuffi , I think?

(well, it was certainly Gnuffi, just not sure if it was him or an alt)

The Link may be under the minimum price in your region. When that happens, you can’t buy it anymore. I would check one of the Game+Link bundles, or the John Wick movie+Steam Link option if you’re looking for the lowest price.

I’m not a fan, honestly. Darksiders became unplayable, and I had to go down to Easy in every game-- the display lag is REALLY bad. My computer has a hard ethernet connection, and my Link was 12 feet away at most. We’re talking about a 6ms-ish control/input lag and a 40ms display lag. Good luck playing any intensive game on that… and the kind of game that won’t need quick reflexes is probably better on a KB/M and monitor anyway.

My recommendation: spend $20 on USB 2.0 and HDMI extension cables. It’s hardly elegant unless you do some clever routing, but it’s much more effective.


i don’t think that’s the case there tho
i think it’s more something about steam not delivering to canada or something? i don’t think it’s the first time i’ve seen mentions of it tho, unsure :thinking:
the regional pricing is 50cent US >/< converted. Doubt those 2-3 canadian maple bills would have any trouble meeting that requirement


Fair enough… I don’t see any reason why North America in general would be excluded, though.

I’d recommend just grabbing a few long USB/HDMI extension cables anyway. The display lag is just too bad on a Link, from my experience.

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Probably why the low price. Thanks for the info. I buy enough stuff that doesn’t work like it says on the package…I don’t need any more junk!


Now with the Steam Link app rolling (rolled?) out there’s really no need for these except for equipment without the app. I bought my Steam Link during the Winter Holiday sale and never regretted it. It works quite well for me even though its up an entire floor and rooms away.

I guess it depends on what you decided to play and even then, I’m sure there are some duds in the mix.

They are not worth the price of (basically) free. I got it during the last sale and it was just a pain in the ass.
Use the new steam stream app for whatever android device you have instead, it’s so much better.

For the the record, the Link itself MIGHT be better if hardwired. That’s just too much of a hassle for me.

The Link is much cleaner looking as well-- nobody will think twice about a tiny box connected to the TV, but an HDMI cord across the room, along with one or two USB extensions? Gross.

It just wasn’t worth the hassle of messing around with its settings for “tolerable” results. The absolute kicker was that I had to start playing in 720p, and if you had any Origin or BattleNet games you wanted to play… well, have fun getting that going.

I also want to point out that my internet connection is no slouch. If I’m getting frequent bitrate drops and display delay, and even with my own technical experience I’m tearing my hair out, the average user will come out with a much harsher view of the service.