Steam Link bundled and severely discounted

If anyone was ever curious about picking up a steam link I noticed it’s going for 1€ now, bundled with ICEY for a total of 9,49€.

Don’t know if it’s ever been this discounted before but that’s well under the price of the hardware. So if it was something you’ve thought about owning at some point, now seems to be a good time to get one.


I have no idea why I just bought this…but for some reason I have. It would come in hand for split-screen co-op/multiplayer games I have as those usually are difficult for both hubby and me to see on my tiny laptop screen. S/H is almost the same price as the bundle, however still a deal.

Insane discount! Won’t allow you buy it if you already own ICEY though :disappointed:

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Could always remove ICEY from your account if you truly wish to buy the bundle, I guess. One of my friends did that once and it worked out for them. Meh, I’d probably just skip it if I had to go that route. :confused:

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lol, how is that not a mistake from Steam’s part?
Icey 30% off
Steam link 98% off!,
i mean, i don’t even think 1dollar games have been discounted that high on steam before :joy:, usually stuff just goes free around those heights

Edit. 10 bucks shipping!, i didn’t even pay that much to get all of my pc shipped :triumph:
looked sorta hilarious to goof around with, but i’m not paying 10bucks, just to have something shipped, “for fun”, that i wont use…
(wonder if i ever previously mentioned i’m a cheapo bastard lol)

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Good idea. I didn’t even consider that. Though it’s too much of a hassle for something I don’t want that badly. And the shipping is kind of a deal killer for me. Still, a nice deal if you really want a Steam link, and don’t already have ICEY (which is a great game, btw).


Is this a US only thing? link to it just sends me to the homepage

No, it’s available in Sweden so I’d assume it goes for at least the EU1 region. It wasn’t available for a Canadian friend of mine though.

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If I could only buy the Steam Link for a buck I’d do it - for no reason other than the price, I got an HDMI connecting my PC to the tele.

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Can you buy Steam Links direct from steam? In Australia it directs us to the EB games store (which of course sells it at about $90 :rage:)

I’m guessing that’s because Valve themselves only have storage facilities in the US and EU and ship only within those regions as a result. Any other market relies on 3rd parties to stock and sell the hardware.


That’s absolutely bonkers. Too bad shipping is ~15€ extra. And ICEY has no native Linux support. And I already have a NUC to act as an in home streaming client. :stuck_out_tongue:

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It’s really neat if you have a use for it. I almost jumped on it yesterday but I have no use for it and my place is already filled with tech I don’t use.

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I’m one of those people you’ve been wondering about; I spent some of my Chrono Coins on ‘Theres Poop In My Soup’. Yep. True story.

To be fair it was because my kids bugged me long and hard as they saw the thumbnail, asked what it was and thought it sounded hilarious. And man did they sit giggling their heads off when they actually played it (they’re 4 & 6).

I jumped on this deal so that they can carry on pooping on things without tieing up my PC.

Re-reading this post, I probably should have kept my mouth shut. Forget now why I chose to share. Don’t judge me for spending not only Chrono Coins but real ones to enable access to Poop in My Soup…


You’ve made @dusty very happy.


I’ve got something super special for yall when it sells out!


Ahem, shouldn’t that be “souper”? special? :smiley:


12% more until we get