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Steam Labs


Introducing Steam Labs! We create a lot of experimental features behind the scenes at Steam, and for the first time we’re giving these works-in-progress a home. Pop on your lab coats, check out Steam Labs and share your feedback with us! (Steam Twitter)

so far its pretty cool to check out the stuff that is WIP from steam plus they are also taking feedback from users to perfect these features. so far i like the new “Interactive Recommender” seems much better then any of the other recommended feature stuff.


Is that a place were you could post ideas and suggestions to improve the platform or just spacious ideas? Like I want to have better options to login on another user on the same computer without needing to write password and steamguard everytime I use the computer after my girlfriend.


For now its just testing features already in the works and then giving your opinion on them. No Feature suggestion yet.


how did you learn about this?


From Steam’s twitter page and there Blog Post.