Steam introduces AUD, RIP my wishlist

So Steam introduced Australian Dollarydoos last night and converted all of us shlebs who live here but have had to suffer under the ol’ Greenback, sure local currency is great and all…

except over 20% of my wishlist is now unavailable

That sucks, why can’t they just have a fluctuating value based on currency exchange rates, why does the developer/publisher have to set prices for different currency rates.

Here’s an article that lists a bunch, some notable titles include
Warhammer: Vermintide 2
every Konami game
Ori and the Blind Forest (was, has now been updated)
Pathfinder: Kingmaker (though they set a price for DLC :crazy_face: )
The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth
lots from Daedlic Entertainment
Age of Empires 2: HD

Grim Dawn is now back on my wishlist

Plus everything I had for sale on the market was returned to my inventory, this I can understand but it’s going to take so long to relist everything



Use Steam Inventory Helper. It can list multiple items at once, unless you individually set the price for each. I just let it auto-select the price to the latest sold price and watch it list everything for me.


And i’m sorry to point out that when you relist them, you’ll be back at the bottom of the sales queue. :frowning:


I won’t be though. For example if I list an item at $0.03 it will be in AUD but for someone buying it in USD, Steam will preference my item over someone else selling in USD at $0.03 because they will give me less than 1 US cent and they can keep that extra amount, sure it’s nothing but when you start considering the number of sales on Steam market every day that adds up.

It’s why at the summer/winter sales you can watch the activity feed and see someone list a card and it sells straight away even though there are hundreds of other people selling at the same price.


How much is Wallpaper Engine for Americans right now?


$3.99 USD

Aussies will pay $5.95 AUD, which converts to $4.30 USD or +7.97%



Yes, I thought it was strange as it should convert to $5.49 AUD. Are we getting screwed on some strange tax?


They are still mad at us about the whole refunds thing.

Our dollar is pretty crap at the moment too, 72-73 cents, if it gets back to where it was at the start of the year ~81 cents (or more) the percentage extra we pay is going to get larger and larger (remember a few years ago when we actually broke parity?)

When they started charging GST they never actually increased the prices, it was just coming out of the total paid. But yeah, seems we have a special ‘Straya Tax’



anyone but me feel this is “Valve’s fault” (combined with a bit of publisher greed ofc)
(fluctuating) automated exchange rates would be easy to do, since Steam already does it with wallet funds and marketplace values -but i’m guessing Publishers don’t want you to pay less than those “fixed” prices at gamestop ? :thinking:

also, i’m surprised to see this wishlist/de-listing mess still going on, it’s been a constant back and forth between devs screaming at valve the past few weeks/months about this silly system (pretty sure i saw tweets about someone mentioning/“just wanting” an automated list system so didn’t have to input values manually for every freaking app in their catalogue)

i’m guessing Valve have been Valve and just been very hands off on this and not bothered to do anything to make this simple or assist devs in the process other than just send out a “reminder” and sit back and brush their hands.

would it be that hard to even have a placeholder US$ tag+purchase option as default/remain in place until an updated currency had been replaced… :thinking:

idono :man_shrugging:, just sry you guys have to endure the downside of Valve’s halfarsing whims & laid-back mentality, hopefully things will be in place for the holiday sale, -even if not the autumn sale :confused:


If Steam used fluctuating exchange rates regional customers would see odd looking prices (like 48.72) on the Store pages and have to decide whether they should buy now or wait for a more favorable price adjustment in their currency. When the Store was in USD and used the currency exchange rates customers could pay only needing to know they’d be charged using the current conversion rate (although not exactly what they were going to pay). It seems like it would easier to shop that way to me.

I can’t figure out why Steam requires setting a price instead of using an exchange rate based value when adding new currencies but it might be so the dev/pub and customer’s can’t hold the price against Steam. That way no one can claim Steam had overpriced, or that they lost revenue because it was underpriced by requiring a pricing confirmation from the title’s owner. Valve may be doing it this way to avoid legal issues around something like price fixing too.


totally, not saying it would be an ideal solution, but might been an “easy” fix to auto implement “until devs/publishers got off their “lazy” butts and changed the values themselves” :thinking:
the reason why they don’t do it is also easy to see, +nothing publishers hate more than “dem exhange rates” -when it doesn’t fall in their favour *cough1:1$€*cough
but it would have solved hundreds of games not being available, not to mention the asinine concept of not having it “fixed” by a major sale event
and there are likely 100s of other things/concepts that could have alleviated a bunch of these troubles
tho woulda,coulda,shoulda, doesn’t really do much for them. And i just like to blame Valve for everything that goes wrong on/with Steam anyway :smile: (even when devs/publishers share some of this issue), despite it not even affecting me :man_shrugging:


Oh, i learned something new today. Thank you.